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Card Post for [community profile] colors_tcg

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colors tcg
player stats links
player Katie
joined June 10, 2013
card count 5859
level Silver
[community profile] colors_tcg
trade log
trade pile: A-L :: M-Z + Special
trading buddies
mastered decks

first mastery badges

collect ► LADYKILLER collect ► ASSIST

collect ► PROXY collect ► CLEVER

collect ► Okami Trading Policy

Collect ► Not for trade.
Keeping (Shinies) ► The first line is Denyuuden cards and isn't for trade. The second line is cards I donated and isn't for trade. The third line I might trade for high priority or collecting.
Keeping (High Priority) ► Not for trade.
Keeping (Middle Priority) ► I might be willing to trade these for high priority or collecting.
Keeping (Low Priority) ► I'd be willing to trade these for middle priority and above.
Trading ► Random trades are totally cool for these! Also, I treat special cards the same as character cards. I only separate them so I can remember what's what.

If I win something from a game but haven't updated my post with it yet, I'd really appreciate if you could be patient and wait for it to come up here before asking for it when possible. (It's fair game as long as I've listed it in the log though.) I try to update as soon as I can, but it may be a few days.

keeping ► shinies

keeping ► high priority

keeping ► middle priority

keeping ► low priority

A-L :: M-Z + Special

Please continue to leave trades on this post, or leave them on the trade pile directly, whichever you prefer :)

sketchpads + crayons

x5 x11 x12 x3 x8 x8 x3 x8

holding pending


coding → replica

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