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Card Log for [community profile] colors_tcg

Main card post is here.

January 27, 2015 aka no seriously why haven't I called hiatus...
December Release: snicker08, miss10, pittoo13, interviewer10, grownup09, half-elf19, cruxis05, soisagent10, health16, vegetation03, sakurait18, assist15
January Release: barrage13, beastking17, deva04, firespin16, puppy20, bathhouse05, cottage08, midnight16, caregiver05, islander18, fukujun10, moonchild14
Shopping Street: traded in all my candy for a special deck donation, ladykiller01, ladykiller05, ladykiler16, ladykiller17, ladykiller18, ladykiller19, assist20, clever01, clever03, clever04, clever05, clever16, moonchild02, moonchild05, moonchild06, moonchild07, moonchild08, mutt02, mutt03, mutt08

December 22, 2014
Trade: pikori02, pikori04, and pikori18 for falling12, pebble05, and blueflare18, [personal profile] empanadas
Trade: exuberant19 and scale02 for ladle06 and lascivious15, [personal profile] mori

December 21, 2014 aka I should really just call hiatus shouldn't I...
Hi-5 Radio 11: pink13, shikon15
Guess the Color 195: disciple06, ayasugi05, kalina12
Pokeradar 205: hollie04, moon18, resemblance19
Rolling Down the UMN 28: bearslayer11, leraje16, alter15, youngwomen20, hizoku16, contramundi19, officer11, gramarye11
A Challenger Appears 29: dousing12, devilbats10, jintan02, 66809
Reading Between the Lines 133: trigger06, spearhead06, bell04, cologne19, cham04, perceptive14, conceited10, treasurer19, inside06, shounen12, burst03, spicy19, man18, lyrics16, yellow crayon, blue crayon
Host Club Giveaway 100: idols01, lieutenant11, sumo16, bellflower02, d-hero019, walkure16, purple crayon
Go Fisth 200: 66813, jintan08, drill11, formula02
Costume Party 219: scuro14, deyansu13, lorikeet08, dknight19, fencer09, mistaken20, repair07, passive05
Art Lessons 207: fleshcan02, dolls13
Player Report 60: whisker18, peppy02, stalker04, stylist09
Arazlam's Clues 221: blossom04, lapistier14, besek02
Colorseum 3-2: musical05, aitakatta10, sign05, believe18
Hi-5 Radio 12: 300iq04, numbers13, tao05, alioth04, mws07
Crosswords 94: 66919, fes02, somnians07, rooster03, usagibrand18, shippudash09, reddragon13
Graffiti 88: alseides07, ivrogne01, killerqueen04, greathawk16, maid-chan02
Lucky Draw 06: bell17, thing12, terpsichora03, tsubasa11
Spare Parts 173: lenster05, waiting20, believer13, punyaan16, hogyoku03, bounty04, risotto08, aquarius01
Puzzle Peaces 5: strike07, items19, duck10, griefseed20, catclaw17, tackle20
Puzzle Peaces 6: shadaloo10, brute01, luxury18, spacepirate06, nyanperona19, noona20, magiccancel19, pms12, revocs11, athletic10
Fan Mail 45: narcolepsy16, bastion13, barcode06, basement01

November 17, 2014
Trade: tenmon01 and cas01 for grandcross06 and kaze19, [personal profile] laurant

November 16, 2014
November Release: tenmon01, cas01, volcano10, hive11, cianwood05, fuchsia20, soul03, boat19, glacier20, goldenrod08, suwabe15, ladykiller02
Hi-5 Radio 10: ghoul10, doghouse15
Spare Parts 171: twosides17, anterograde02, boomerang05, jojo19, tonkotsu15, ricky19
Recycled Art: 10join13, 10join19, 10join20, prima03, prima08, prima10, prima15, prima20, prince13, prince17
Guess the Color 194: blackmage09, ise06, disinfect11
Rolling Down the UMN 26+27: anklets08, recruit01, marble19, fanservice03, robotics06, teacher18, pegasus15, odango10, skypirate16, loveyou05, conjurer13
Pokeradar 204: childlike13, ookwee08, shard11, go-getters14, soft04
Art Lessons 206: choromi11, heart15
Graffiti 87: immature10, kattobing09, puppeteer11, cureheart05, habu14
Arazlam's Clues 220: maverick12, another05, milkyway17
Colorseum 3-1: dreamyard13, microbes04, hornless10, yourhonor06
Lucky Draw 05: resemblance11, serenade06, raisondetre02, cruiser10, aresweis07, rollout18, innocent11, guidance13, ufo10, parttime02, ladykiller11, ladykiller13, green crayon, orange crayon
Directions 97: arrogance18, pain03, spirited08
Spare Parts 172: scissor15, lunallena14, callous11, megaten12, orange crayon
Trade: austria05, austria06, austria17, austria20, avoiddeath10, avoiddeath17, and avoiddeath19 for appraiser13, bench13, falling07, falling08, falling20, prima05, and prodigy06, [personal profile] dieneces

November 8, 2014
Spare Parts 169: rosetta10, freedom06, everybirdie12, ahoki01, almakinan13, become09
Hi-5 Radio 8: acrobatics10, mercurial06
Art Studio (October): traded in armadillo11, avoid08, bandit10, blueflare13, boilerroom11, cascade08, deathgod09, despair20, five02, fryingpan08, future13, garouga03; gastark15, hatshepsut08, isako05, knowledge16, lascivious13, lettuce19, lonely03, magickey19, messenger13, nataku02, noona09, panther07; brushgods01, brushgods14, and greenvale19 for ladykiller06, ladykiller08, ladykiller12, ladykiller15, sig_katie x4, and brushgods18
Graffiti 86: badboy03, runa03, senpai15, sun04, beguile16
Music Station 198: process07, dreamyard20, yasako10, hacker17
Directions 94+95: skilled04, fog18, french19, seven05, lostwife05, 66709, purple crayon
Pokeradar 202: boisterous14, ukraine15, grandkid10
Guess the Color 192: wanderer20, pegasus02, onee-sama11
Art Lessons 204: stalker06, shinra18
Reading Betwen the Lines 131: revocs07, ptrd-4102, searching19, doujin17
Costume Party 217: ayingott19, erhu04, lovefreak16, acepilot20
Player Report 57: junk09, saru15, cycle05, haro20
Help Miss Kamila 49+50: adventurer10, capsule07, blaster05, boisterous12, excluded20, fakehero19
Colorseum 2-4: blackdog12, parfaits06, wingspiker02, confrontal05
Lucky Draw 04: streamlight10, legs09, twirl19, wing16, funloving17, macaroon02, princely10, byakuei15, dojo15, animation15, green crayon
Pick a Color 101: deadend15, manipulate08, bandit02
Crosswords 92: aimo10, naive04, nose17, prideful13, sparkball10, luckystars11
Spare Parts 170: unreliable08, kneel05, ruinmode03, demonking01
Hi-5 Radio 9: relicsong02, shadows19, human20, wealthy17, dachshund09
Fan Mail 42+43: stalker13, nirvana08, rosepin16, volcanic20, highlander17, pug19
Puzzle Peaces 4: tokunaga08, cat13, graduate01, studying08, thiers15, loveless15, awa-awa10, 2-a15, crows04, effort14, red crayon
Rolling Down the UMN 25: speak11, bearslayer13, sandtribe16, coquettish13, voidgear11
Pokeradar 203: toon20, cgi20, america05
Guess the Color 193: craftsman12, seireiden03, haughty11
Art Lessons 205: stern01, yoomtah05
A Challenger Appears 28: kendo19, arc03, puppeteer01, phobia18, ooji-ya08, banshees08, yellow crayon
Host Club Giveaway 99: hotheaded13, worst09, disarm09
Player Report 58: hammer04, paprika20, sniper08, cerinia14
Directions 96: darkening07, calculation02, unstable18
Help Miss Kamila 51: colony18, mechanic11
Costume Party 218: grapes16, holybell14, tenkuu15, janina10
Reading Betwen the Lines 132: winter14, braves05, flower03, stigma02, spectator01, replicant05, beli20, horseback07, mascots19, dojo19, blue crayon
Colorseum 2-5: x24s13, newyears16, curryudon09, empath20
Crosswords 93: boulder20, matcha15, kids13, canada19, berybell11, answer08
Trade: assassinate11, blocker13, blocker18, distrust10, gymnast20, mercurial01, protection15, schoolidol16, and shine16 for catalyst19, clever14, costume08, demonking18, despair11, fate20, flapping07, fox02, and friendship09, [personal profile] sal

October 26, 2014
Music Station 197: regret14, ylisse16, feminine06, dituono06
Guess the Color 191: gamuza10, cryogenic02, sitar17, checkmate03, eden07, pediatrician08
Pokeradar 201: louvre14, sin08, meribia04
Directions 93: cleanup11, chartreux12, fake04, leading08
Art Lessons 203: fairytales14, sonicboom08
A Challenger Appears 27: samekh12, lacytanga08, memorybug17, heartereki10
Costume Party 216: soft10, gear08, repressed07, bastion14
Reading Between the Lines 130: coolene02, antique02, redcomet06, process06, greece20, machinery02, knight-hart07, stupid15, buusagi11, yourhonor17, veda12, ast13, heavens16, brown crayon, gray crayon
Host Club Giveaway 98: dwn-01308, raisondetre03, grimreaper11
Player Report 56: allergen09, nursing20, secondroom01, s-class11
Conan's Clues 217: bandit10, structure07, twintails11, ryouran03, disarm16, dknight19
Colorseum 2-3: itako14, villains05, jamsession04, distrust09
Rolling Down the UMN 24: solar10, venus07, idiotson18, diverdown20, variable08, shounen20
Trade: tennights01 and x31s01 for kind17 and leader01, [personal profile] kuranosuke

October 19, 2014
Spare Parts 167: sensible16, insei16, moodmaker18, mathematics18
Music Station 196: garugari17, nyan16, loveletter19, realeater19
Pokeradar 200: silvana09, jumeau17, sand06, earth08, infinity13, tiger03, melchsee02, josei14
Fan Mail 40: stylist06, swimming14, carpetbomb14, virtual15
Saria's Songs 2: upbeat09, daddy09, five02, echoball03, conductor20, giroexpress20
Art Lessons 202: avoid08, fes11
Graffiti 85: dreamseer02, tiger03, meramera14, soyokaze14, seinen13
Player Report 55: razorleaf06, blaster01, viola01, poseidon10
Colorseum 2-2: propagation14, nephilim06, childarmy05, peshent18
Rolling Down the UMN 23: daru06, onee-sama20, un-sorcerer11, silverknife17, hotarumaru08, shotgun03, spiderqueen19
Fan Mail 41: bluerose05, tomorrow07, guillotine02, three blue crayons
Puzzle Peaces 3: electricity06, hylia17, moonchild13, vengeful01, sailorfuku07
Costume Party 215: miasma20, hostess15, jurai08, blueking17
Reading Between the Lines 129: usashrine12, shakushi10, cheer01, perceive11
Lucky Draw 3: blessed03, brushgods14, cowbell03, rent08, adaptor12, vines20, ousaka20, calligrapher14, marshmallow03, novice14, green crayon
Hi-5 Radio 7: savior17, syringe09, maiden08, maru09, ngrecords06
Spare Parts 168: purehavoc17, bushido12, record18, bluebomber02
Pick a Color 100 (aaaaaaaa): benishigure09, future13, evolution07, fryingpan08, acting03, armadillo11, golems16, asphalt08, tinto08, contests09, theyounger01, forbidden15, shopping02, kunlun12, negi02, messenger13, binbougami11, curesword14, hymmeli14, aniue02, knit14, lion06, fork17, knowledge16, bushin11, narcoleptic13, lateshift03, horatio01, wild01, wealth05, ring15, eleven05, academy01, jewel19, predatory08, panther07, retto01, mail-order02, blackbelt02, amphilyon02, x-clips08, esp14, sheikah08, bodyguard13, schism12, sleep09, zelda05, heichou14, sea03, temper16, avoiddeath19, egotistical16, hakuryou10, meltdowner07, cheese18, solitary19, kaminokoe15, lazier07, gunner09, blaster20, tuxedo16, goats16, friends17, mulberry15, marchenland03, drillspear20, 026703, forgotten05, immortal03, hyakka16, paternal13, duel04, brushgods01, calming17, 66704, odoru14, likedad12, netidol20, liladan08, armblade02, private02, buddhism02, paladienne08, crusher20, windward19, tagged16, sky04, tetsuo11, gloves11, adore15, grumbly01, lonetiger12, forklift10, apologetic15, dolphin13, keyboard13, jingling18, coach05, reference15, reddragon20
Trade: signatures with [personal profile] netbug009

October 11, 2014
October Release: betray06, lamentation03, noman03, grumpy05, feared11, yoomtah09, yuusha11, harbors19, costume15, torchic04, sparkling11, romipaku01, pomegranate15
Seiyuu Guess 176: hyakume01, kaminomimi18, rain09
Seiyuu Guess 177: missions04, coach09, obnoxious15
Graffiti 84: diligent20, childhood07, lollipops19, henshin18, colossi07
Pokeradar 199: recessive14, minidragon05, lovequeen14, honorific16, dynamite14, hungrywolf11
Music Station 195: scorching14, gadoria07, fencing04, composure03
Rolling Down the UMN 22: darkflame04, umbrellas11, pikopiko20, elf02, assassinate11, unborn16, fangirl09, attendant14, whitesilver06, strategos19, hardcandy19, tinto17, sabbat11, wolves11, sword07, seer16, purple crayon, blue crayon
Art Lessons 201: fivefoxes10, pegasus10
A Challenger Appears 26: meiji12, dituono09, starwolf10, villagers13, introvert19, mochimazui13
Guess the Color 190: aeses01, cain18, wanderer18
Host Club Giveaway 97: distrust10, orojya16, rain06
Go Fish 195: flame06, anego16
Costume Party 214: rank10, garouga03, graffiti14, watcher12
Reading Between the Lines 128: precise04, sekigahara01, tattoo15, code0513, darkness06, submit18, fan06, impressions16, vex04, 3moles14, orange crayon
Birthday: adventure03, tracker15, words19, red crayon
Fan Mail 39: doubtful19, phantom07, aikido07, sunrune18
Player Report 54: oyaji18, prince06, polytechnic09, 15117
Puzzle Peaces 2: novoselic10, stera19, average01, yatagarasu10, blueeyes06, labyrinthia10, heartbuns02, express03, kansai06, holywar07, yellow crayon, orange crayon
Colorseum 2-1: ultrasouls15, dyaus18, samezuka20, pegasus04
Conan's Clues 216: whitemouse04, kurogamon08, kindness02
Hi-5 Radio 6: happysong01, clowndrop06, silent07, padlock08, crowanima07
Crosswords 91: sand16, nyanyaya05, guertena16, possessive08, 89th09, isako05, syndicate05

October 5, 2014
Hi-5 Radio 4: valkyria03, gastark15, brash14, foxmagic09, fistoflove07, yellow crayon
Brook's Music Station 194: vinewhip13, menace14, lonely03, bakushin15
Crosswords 90: 66905, shouryuuha05, gymnast20, blitzball12, manners17, manager10, fangirl10, silly01, cavalry07, chronicle08, noa04, elendia04, toxic07, darling07, rock02, reserved12, pudding18, rab03, submarine15, ambidex06, weaponry02, posh04, guardian04, attendant13
Spare Parts 165: dragoon16, driving04, scan19, niceboat04, poisonivy15, reaper03
Pokeradar 198: cinqfleches05, kyudo03, capsule15
Guess the Color 189: gergo20, perception17, buhii08
Help Miss Kamila 46: muda04, lazier01, cooperation13
Help Miss Kamila 47: technician04, raven07, bara04
Directions 92: thieves20, getaway15, genius13
Rolling Down the UMN 21: dullahan10, listener13, morphus03, phecda09, starfighter02, sekigahara04
Costume Party 213: escape12, myths07, bride07, forbidden12, coward08, myprince13, vocal14, modelx16
Reading Between the Lines 127: kuuderes20, spokeswoman14, jellyfish10, capoeira10, fool14, scold20, chant07, firebrand01
Fan Mail 38: sailorfuku09, renegade14, boar02, medicine14, clearing18, prototype05
Art Lessons 200: counter17, bassist11, cap20, crocodile05, knife19, quality05, leleti13, martillo04, entertainer04, deathgod09, changshan18, exuberant19, purple crayon
Combo Breaker 51+52: brown crayon
Player Report 53: ace15, nataku02, blindfold16, investigator18
Colorseum 1-5: kunst17, timid07, thehero17, pentagram02
Hi-5 Radio 5: muscles17, thebrain05, blue crayon
Lucky Draw 2: otoko08, vintage17, vocalist07, accused12, benevolent15, bangle18, mathematics13, littleevil20
Donated to Scrapbook 105 (Romi Paku): badfortune02, taciturn01, lewdness05
Spare Parts 166: vivid09, musket01, curator08, boomerang16, attendant11, iss13
Pick a Color 99: crossspear05, catastrophe19, diagnostics20, grandkid03
Trade: northstar06, northstar19, and reliable15 for badda-boom09, pebble11, and thehero04, [personal profile] toran
Trade: backstroke06, chawanmushi04, conducts11, deadcenter19, domination05, highlander04, internet05, literary17, mourning15, scissors13, sour06, voiceless06, and darkening06 for athletic14, cupcake08, demonking15, dual-tipped18, kendo05, kind10, kind14, perceive15, protective19, stapler04, two02, youmu14, and youmu19, [personal profile] sal

September 27, 2014
Brook's Music Station 193: real11, pillar05, kazamidori16, savate13
Fan Mail 37: romaantiqua13, nests09, thirdroom08, sound14
Puzzle Peaces 1: moodmaker10, white02, nanza01, identical09, syndicate06
Directions 90+91: marimo09, narcolepsy05, producer07, mask15, lascivious13, bow03, zauber16, albhed05, calnus02
Scramble 1: streetgang11, france14, uu11, soldier15, freestyle10, scold14, trashy13, cleric08, tomorrow01, sin08, gray crayon
Scramble 2: magickey19, demon03, sayo07, brewery15, chartreux10
Scramble 3: debt06, commentary05, love18, charms06, rose13
Quilting 69: blacklion07, forelock02, observer13, immature04
Quilting 70: cinema10, souleater11, gardener13, sororicide15
Art Lessons 199: drugs01, amita20
Rolling Down the UMN 20: grafeisen07, nitro06, body17, littlebird20, protection06, shaolin02, squats20, orange crayon
A Challenger Appears 25: cabbage15, cruel14, themist02, noona09
Guess the Color 188: dandelion15, apathetic04, aitakatta18
Host Club Giveaway 96: mini20, demonic17, sadist06
Conan's Clues 214: ardent06, ptrd-4114, shishi-oh07
Beauty Pageant 83: hades07, kusanagi06, conqueror17, wakawaka09, bellflower03, 765pro10
Colorseum 1-4: seireiden03, vinewhip11, editor19, typhoon05

September 21, 2014
Art Shop: traded in 4 orange crayons, 11 green crayons, 5 blue crayons, and 9 brown crayons for davinci09, davinci10, davinci12, davinci19, lettuce03, lettuce06, lettuce07, lettuce08, lettuce09, lettuce10, lettuce11, lettuce12, lettuce17, lettuce19, lettuce20, manipulative02, manipulative04, manipulative05, manipulative06, manipulative07, ebracrypt07, ebracrypt09, ebracrypt10, lowborn01, lowborn02, lowborn08, lowborn09, lowborn12, and lowborn14
Sketchpad Turn In x1: suzumori12, detective12, blue crayon
Mastered Da Vinci: glowstone09, minalinsky01, manipulative08, red crayon
Mastered Lettuce: nirvana01, respectful19, manipulative15, gray crayon
Mastered Lowborn: ragnarok17, prefect05, manipulative19, purple crayon
Mastered Manipulative: razorleaf10, appearance10, ladykiller03, orange crayon
Mastered Ebra Crypt: unique09, background05, ladykiller09, red crayon
Seiyuu Guess 175: corrupted01
Guess the Color 187: genome13, aeon19, aitakatta17
Rolling Down the UMN 19: unborn05, kawasumia09, bond01, gladiator20, drowsiness14, observer16, megaten08
Pokeradar 196: interested10, sandrock11, hougu03
Fan Mail 36: twig10, magi18, secondroom20, punk10
Art Lessons 198: diary05, massage09
Graffiti 83: hypervision10, skeptic05, coilturn16, lettuce19, glider01
Costume Party 212: adaptor17, haraezuki17, bluesteel07, psychiatrist15
Reading Between the Lines 126: treasurer13, ise06, unreliable17, twosides04, revolution05, pet01, dollmaster09, hougu17, nanamin05, ooparts06, purple crayon
Directions 88: cascade08, dream14, thetower20, analyzation02
Directions 89: oneesan14, countess14, mafioso08
Player Report 51: fun15, driving08, nukes17, maple02
Conan's Clues 213: trigger10, nightmare19, amita02, boilerroom11
Colorseum 1-3: notebook01, lonewolf09, hatshepsut08, mouse15
Hi-5 Radio 3: shenhu15, virtual18, treasure12, digipad17, soulunion20
Lucky Draw 1: revival09, boomerang11, schoolidol16, obliged01, cycle19, aeses19, delusions19, heart17
Spare Parts 164: pudding08, yukipon02, acrobatics18, center18
Trade: dtr14, firstson05, forgotten15, forte02, hobbyist11, iwa-chan03, iwa-chan04, mystery05, mystery17, needles04, needles07, and windor19 for assist02, grandcross16, cupcake05, koori03, pacifist15, takatomon15, understand02, understand12, understand19, bond11, catmask17, and clones19, [personal profile] adurotum

September 14, 2014
Hi-5 Radio 2: heightened05, wind-up10, windor19, 15114, courage08
Spare Parts 163: whipsmack06, delete03, hawkeyes06, garouga12

September 13, 2014
September Release: welcome09, dual-tipped03, dodge14, notes02, skillhunter17, mikorin03, jockey01, polkadot19, budget14, glowing01, kuuderes03, angelpowder13, insania19
Trade: kuuderes03 for grandcross15, [personal profile] empanadas
Trade: notes02 for ylisse10, [personal profile] eclair
Trade: skillhunter17 for unpleasant19, [personal profile] adurotum
Trade: mikorin03 and jockey01 for manikatti05 and youmu18, [personal profile] stag
Trade: polkadot19 for rejection05, [personal profile] sal
Trade: budget14 and glowing01 for thunder06 and rejection17, [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
Trade: advice10, empath13, panic08, petals18, and sealed08 for lowborn16, peshent14, protect13, reliability18, and thunder03, [personal profile] mori
Trade: octava14 for armor01, [personal profile] tentacular
Trade: chitchat07, horseback06, horseback09, lorelei02, left10, madness17, and chibipuri10 for ebracrypt08, clever17, lastmagnum11, meganest07, brag08, hikari17, and crimea13, [personal profile] dialny
Art Studio (September): exchanged defense10, elemio07, heart20, spunquel03, spunquel08, spunquel09, spunquel19, succubus15, tamarin18, twilight04, yo-yo08, and zanarkand01 for elemio13, elemio14, ebracrypt14, and ebracrypt20
Mastered Elemio: fishing15, panther07, ebracrypt05, green crayon
Finished Monochrome Portfolio 1: pranks09, bofu17, righthand20, ruckus02, yellow crayon, orange crayon, orange crayon, purple crayon
Costume Party 210: pillar03, blueflare13, paint11, hero02
Reading Between the Lines 124: juniorjr13, debauchery03, childish07, cthugha19, despair20, calnus16, unique20, alchemists09, kali-yuga10, fulfill15, brown crayon
Guess the Color 186: resurrect07, close12, stardragon07
Pokeradar 195: escort10, matcha20, ribbons14
Rolling Down the UMN 18: crow10, darkknight17, sawashirom17, satsuma18, instructor04, epyon16, purple crayon
Costume Party 211: javelin09, breeder03, breaker11, eyeshadow18
Reading Between the Lines 125: kouhai-kun05, vietnamwar11, banshees06, presence17
Host Club Giveaway 95: fulcrum17, balance05, deimosking09
Player Report 50: shintenshin17, spiral01, intuition14, aristocratic14, harpielady16, brutal03, afro08, mythical19
Crosswords 89: advice12, challenges08, dituono01, bossun10, crow05, lapister16
Seiyuu Guess 174: gunslinger09, grouchy03, eyeshadow04
Colorseum 1-2: combat15, blueknights13, contacts09, forte02
Music Station 192: muramasa12, smell10, ironmouse02, caged15
Music Station 191: kitten09, petulant01, pet13, mace09

September 6, 2014
Art Shop: turned in 4 red crayons, 5 yellow crayons, 4 blue crayons, 7 purple crayons, and 6 gray crayons for elemio01, elemio03, elemio04, elemio05, redeyes08, redeyes09, redeyes13, redeyes17, redeyes18, analyze03, analyze04, analyze05, analyze19, defense02, defense03, defense04, defense05, defense09, defense14, defense15, another01, another10, another16, another17, another18, another19
Sketchpad Turn-In x6: schwert13, nature05, save06, jyuuken10, blueribbon02, southitaly03, exchanger07, electrifying16, devious02, icefairy04, ragnarok06, inside18, yellow crayon, gray crayon, yellow crayon, blue crayon, blue crayon, yellow crayon
Mastered Ailecrono: werewolf09, oracle14, elemio06, gray crayon
Mastered Red Eyes: sorry17, reptile09, elemio07, orange crayon
Mastered Analyze: gankutsuou08, sleeves18, elemio08, gray crayon
Mastered Defense: two09, avalanche04, elemio09, yellow crayon
Mastered Another: isako05, monado15, elemio10, green crayon
Level Up to Silver: hougu15, azuresky13, cousin07, pyroqueen10, elemio18, brown crayon
Guess the Color 185: saiyan15, nonexistent07, heart20
Pokeradar 193+194: wish18, dum04, capricorn08, musical03, vex15, dousing04
Spare Parts 160+161: rosepin04, busted03, levitation10, kouhai04, champloo09, manager06, victim17, jamsession18
Graffiti 82: india10, flamenco11, demon17, emishi02, strom01, cleaver14, leftover05, drinking19, applecot13, horatio13, yellow crayon
Rolling Down the UMN 17: reality03, scythe07, balbadd07, lumberjack04, succession20, impostors10, faust03, ghostlock16, brown crayon
A Challenger Appears 24: zwei04, irontail16, somnians12, daathic08, pitcher07, aug2304, red crayon
Conan's Clues 211: verycute07, vengeance20, wine02
Quilting 68: starfish09, kyotouryuu08, tristan15, cakes13
Shadow Watching 172: demonqueen04, meganes12, victory18, curator20
Fan Mail 35: nia19, grenades11, chawanmushi04, domination05, oblique05, crows09, y-ko07, kyuudou07
Player Report 49: catbingu16, orion08, burst11, peterpan05
Colorseum 1-1: gaedearg12, firstson05, fairies16, deadpan05
Hi-5 Radio 1: defense10, bluebeard09, conqueror02, scale02, crane02, railway19
Trade: ace03, dogkeeper16, horoscope06, netnavi13, plugin14, and strike17 for ebracrypt19, bench02, meganest20, mop04, mop05, and nekopunch13, [personal profile] moon_wolf

September 1, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 45: incivil04, strike17
Help Miss Kamila 43: galearc02, drill14, cabbit07, nice15
Directions 86: lawyer13, p-chan09, fraternity17
Guess the Color 184: flamingo06, seiryuu08, patriot08
Art Studio (August): exchanged brag02, bye-bye08, clear12, closest07, deathgod13, digimon11, falchion17, normal11, peddler20, pervert03, redeyes07, and selece17 for ailecrono08, ailecrono10, ailecrono12, and ailecrono15
Art Lessons with Rukia 195: nirvana15, dinosaur16
Directions 87: songwriter01, sekigahara09, x31s01, amiable10, allergen16, plugin14, protection15, orange crayon
Reading Between the Lines 123: respectful06, college15, banshees02, ko05
Costume Party 209: orcatrainer17, jamsession19, suzuken02, sos15
Host Club Giveaway 94: paranormal05, taekwondo13, profit04
Player Report 48: elemio07, s-hall15, anteater10, salvation10
Crosswords 88: god16, bluestar09, whiteknight13, ensign03, mourning15, remaining06
Conan's Clues 210: suave19, menfestival12, wanted20
Pick a Color 98: focused04, well06, anxiety08

August 24, 2014
Trade: connected09 for rejection11, [personal profile] forevertobestill
Trade: lyrics03 for kidnapped17, [personal profile] triacedia
Trade: almakinan08, basil03, blades13, busted03, duty05, fangs12, forbidden12, gankutsuou01, hime04, jellyfish14, knight18, leasing19, letter12, pal13, priestess06, priestess09, robotics08, tinto09, virage20, and windor13 for ailecrono17, clever15, appraiser03, meganest09, unpleasant02, unpleasant14, analyze09, another09, compassion10, crybaby01, edison03, fate07, fox16, giver11, ikazuchi08, koori18, newton01, newton16, normal13, and twilight10, [personal profile] gammacrank
Trade: taciturn04, stranger05, selfless08, druid10, and domination07 for analyze15, ideal14, ladle02, tamer06, and weakness09, [personal profile] honeybrushedheart
Trade: blacktiger02 for starmagic09, [personal profile] arilyn9
Guess the Color 182: eyeshadow06, imperial02, avoiddeath10, hysteria14
Directions 84: clairvoyant14, bluesea02, hammer01, trusting10
Colors World Cup 1: rebelspark09, younger12, president06, valkyria05, sealand18, sixlights18, fleija01, disarm03, psi06, money13, green crayon
Directions 85: pameruku14, nervous13, empty07, suave13
Host Club Giveaway 93: matriarch10, fulfill11, blueribbon01
Costume Party 207: magiccancel11, motor13, master15, cheer03
Reading Between the Lines 121: pooka05, roadroller09, room09, prithivi20
Shadow Watching 169: fleija12, pokute16, silhouettes09, heichou02
Shadow Watching 170: haven16, digipad08, parties18, kill19
Colors World Cup 5: submitted ares11, shine16, and weed10; received dln-00716, backstroke06, chitchat07, amiable15, hobbyist11, ridiculous14
Colors World Cup 4: laconic10, entertainer06, disciple12, loveberry19, pottery10, blonddevil08, zanarkand01, mushi01, viola01, engaged13, lorelei02, reactions04, blue crayon, red crayon
Colors World Cup 2: cafe03, tragedy06, homophobe15, macaroon20, slob01, darkflame19, purple crayon
Mystery of the Silver Cup Epilogue: eldest02, psychometry14, avoiddeath17, silhouettes06
Player Report 46: tracker16, starling09, southitaly01, digimon11
Lnuccfuntc (Crosswords) 87: lenster06, redflash16, muga13, megane09, shouryuuha02, stories04, brown crayon, orange crayon, brown crayon
Colors World Cup 3: 1stlt18, theyounger06, flintlock04, forgotten15, pawpad17, sonati19, falchion17, blue crayon
Guess the Color 183: taunts18, savage05, capsule13
Colors World Cup 8: wrath08, karateka08, cursed10, accurate17, kendo18, bluesky05, blue crayon, blue crayon, blue crayon
Graffiti 81: tigerdrive09, hahi16, dane18, mameshiba03, identity12
Colors World Cup 10: bye-bye08, daggers20, mystery05, cannibal02, snowfairy18, shugo12, madness17, spearhead20, tutorial14, persistent14, businessman11, taisa16, psi13, advisor17, acrophobia19, tomochin04, pantheress11, onewing16, letter12, lungs16, clear12, literary17, orange crayon
Colors World Cup 7th Place: nyanyaya16, blackbird10, onlyreason07, darkness17, tackle16, jian19, amiable20, submissive20
A Challenger Appears 23: doujigiri16, selfless01, sos09, tactician13, demonqueen18, thornqueen18
Costume Party 208: meganekko13, meganekko15, gynoid11, call02
Go Fish 189: pride07, lollipop13
Reading Between the Lines 122: esp13, left10, appearance07, stronger16, potential20, gungnir10, clones15, passive20, late05, flirting20, purple crayon
Neku's Music Station 188: bravo11, squats15, cruel20, bite14
Neku's Music Station 190: moonblast10, greenvale19, voice02
Hibiki's Fan Mail 33: blame12, slave13, throttle03, yggdrasil03

August 11, 2014
August Release: ailecrono11, starmagic10, lobster20, labestia01, distracted19, porsche10, dln-00707, glowstone10, vividkiss18, femme05, blacktiger02, connected09
Trade: lobster20 and labestia01 for minervykins01 and minervykins09, [personal profile] fall
Trade: brains15, brains18, and trouble15 for blueflare14, blunt17, and compassion11, [personal profile] sal
Trade: filthy12 and distracted19 for giver18 and lorikeet20, [personal profile] toran
Trade: porsche10 for lastmagnum19, [personal profile] empanadas
Trade: dln-00707 for manipulative18, [personal profile] estamir
Trade: glowstone10, adventure10, brahms03, castle07, elegance10, flashlight07, and oranges11 for manipulative10, appraiser06, badda-boom12, defense17, goggles19, kita01, and protective20, [personal profile] dieneces
Trade: vividkiss18 for grandcross07, [personal profile] magaru
Mystery of the Silver Cup 6: dramatic03, hikari03, buddhism08, delinquent06
Trade: femme05 and failure13 for pherae18 and pebble10, [personal profile] acperience

August 10, 2014
Trade: babied02, everafter18, honorific19, revenant03, rip-off06, and thor17 for bench10, stapler10, youmu09, nishi03, pomegranate01, and pomegranate09, [personal profile] dialny
Trade: at-low19, blitz02, corrine08, debauchery09, demonstone14, distance05, distant03, fanalis05, graveryl02, lines04, monado01, monado08, odessa04, odessa05, overlord07, overlord14, pigeons10, pistol02, playwright20, prinny09, restore13, swindler17, treasurer07, and treasurer15 for manipulative01, assist12, ladykiller10, caelin19, badda-boom19, compassion06, davinci06, digimon10, giver20, kendo09, newton07, newton11, offense04, offense07, tamer09, thehero12, understand10, beautiful07, birthmark20, contests06, dreamer02, overpower15, shutter07, and victory06, [personal profile] triacedia
Trade: bakuzan09, faithful07, firebrand18, forte08, goats09, shackle15, and squats17 for ladykiller04, 10join02, angelpowder14, moonchild10, despair04, giver17, and ladybug16, [personal profile] adurotum
Player Report 45: convey15, boke10, pervert03, heroic07
Fan Mail 31: clocks20, moe17, disaster06, tennights01, ambition08, conclusions10
Fan Mail 32: automata04, icebeam08, detectives05, boilerroom09
Graffiti 80: bigsister10, vritra19, shanghai11, solo16
Conan's Clues 207: comical19, melchsee11, mechapilots06
Reading Between the Lines 120: lovegun16, supergirl05, disney04, brutal16, castle07, babylon10, clone08, hibakari15, unsatisfied02, 89th15, red crayon
Colors World Cup 7: mystery17, jps20, toran14

August 6, 2014
Trade: summoner05 for ryouran11, [personal profile] netbug009
Trade: cute05, deny14, deny17, embarrassed09, information06, and intelligent10 for assist17, lastmagnum02, onii-chan10, pillowtalk13, thunder12, and unpleasant07, [personal profile] fall
Costume Party 206: wired20, savate08, kbt03, demonrose10, giganto17, shigofumi08, fanalis05, yankee05, cobra02, kingo17, chainsaw02, guts09, ai20, sight20, goldwyvern11
Guess the Color 181: defeated10, interested01, dance09
Art Lessons with Rukia 192: shine16, dauntless18

August 5, 2014
Mystery of the Silver Cup 5: sirix11, shinigami07, petals18, hiraikotsu08
Fan Zone 2: blitz02, psybeam17, betrayed12, widow08, ghost03, petite11, wingzero12, brag02, serena15, gaedearg13, kape11, brains15, orange crayon
Fan Zone 4: dogkeeper16, erhu13, parfait09, witness19
Trade: selfless02, apologetic20, flamenco20, jamsession01, and mole12 for eighth07, manipulative17, manipulative20, eighth16, and corrosion01, [personal profile] stag

August 3, 2014
Pokeradar 192: lemu01, shujaa10, blocker13
A Challenger Appears 22: tomorrow09, pluviose01, laurant06, trainer03
Fan Zone 3: sun18, chamomile11, okashira07, sultry14, soulunion13, icy08, sensor03, apostle20, nonchalant05, selece17, tuxedo08, solitary18, blue crayon, green crayon
Trade: biology04, firstson07, and lunallena16 for 3moles02, 3moles20, and eighth11, [personal profile] toran

August 2, 2014
Level Up to Bronze: fugaku09, sunshine02, purple01, osananajimi16, ailecrono07, gray crayon
Spare Parts 158: fencing13, marchhare16, boss16, kiseru06
Pokeradar 191: soundpod14, airslash15, catclaw19
Directions 83: a-10010009, hime04, teapot04
Costume Party 205: yomihime09, chibipuri10, soda12, eye08
Reading Between the Lines 119: cheerio19, wakening08, hahi05, dogoopencil10
Host Club Giveaway 92: interaction05, classrep02, olderwomen18, sexfavors17, corrosion03
Art Studio (July): exchanged alioth15, babbit20, clear07, doorshrine17, evolution14, fan11, haven09, hawk05, honoo05, kita18, lancelot10, and nephew15 for ailecrono02, ailecrono03, ailecrono04, and ailecrono06
Quilting 66: jealousy04, gatsuga12, nyu13, wolves18
Player Report 44: knife04, deadcenter19, wealth06, green20
Crosswords 86: 142cm02, drill09, advice10, corrine08, record20, overlord07
Conan's Clues 206: watashi14, dreamworld17, harvard12
Spare Parts 159: falling19, saiko14, smitten02, druid10
Help Miss Kamila 40: jokes08, darkangel05
Help Miss Kamila 42: janina07, adieu06
Gift: given elemio02 from [personal profile] euploeamulciber
Trade: chivalry04 for sincerity16, [personal profile] preternatural
Trade: odinsword04 for sincerity08, [personal profile] buttmage
Trade: curepassion05 for oldlion15, [personal profile] vivillion

July 29, 2014
The Mystery of the Silver Cup 4: deny14, paimon18, india01, zanarkand01
Hibiki's Fan Mail 30: trouble15, lotus18, shaman09, meatbun13
Guess the Color 180: onion18, kenbu11, finland04
Neku's Music Station 187: genome10, animals16, wien06, craftsman20

July 25, 2014
Trade: benishigure10, benishigure16, crawling20, heir19, hero05, and orpheus19 for bench18, mutt07, pillowtalk10, pillowtalk20, another07, and athletic12, [personal profile] sal
Art Lessons with Rukia 190: jamsession01, military17
Costume Party 204: ecure10, trains09, courage14, vampirecat16
Directions 82: library11, fanclub06, scissors13
Reading Between the Lines 118: frown12, ashcat03, synthesizer02, nekomimi05, friend08, normal11, jet18, noona09, virage20, truegrace18, brown crayon
Player Report 43: lancelot10, surpass03, graveryl02, scars04, red crayon, blue crayon

July 22, 2014
Host Club Giveaway 91: body04, taciturn04, abraxas01
Quilting 64: vex13, specialduty20, 098811, kita18
Quilting 65: pluviose09, ridiculed16, ise02, ace03
Crosswords 85: euphoria07, gunsmoker10, dodo15, julia08, twinknives07, carpetbomb07
Player Report 42: ballerina10, erhu02, flirt17, excalibur01
Help Miss Kamila 39: concealed18, childarmy20
Fan Mail 28: pierced20, salute01, clear07, leeks18, liaison16, caliber14, responsible04, bronco08, peacekeeper14, thor17, gray crayon
Fan Mail 29: mooncell18, flamenco20, military06, cuteness06
Pick a Color 95: hebirote11, violinist11, talisman15, timid14, respected17, ocean05
Neku's Music Station 186: twilight04, fulcrum01, crow18, bakeneko15
Mystery of the Silver Cup 3: megaten06, stubborn09, ninja19, harmony13
Guess the Color 179: pragmatic12, fiancee04, neighbor10
A Challenger Appears 21: redeyes07, third05, horizon11, cardinal01
Graffiti 79: undine14, hardworking15, rival07, fantail08, delete13
Wish Tree: mocking08, shortsword20, highlander04, enjoying16, tanabata06, defender09, investigator04

July 16, 2014
Art Shop: blue crayon x12 for doorshrine01, doorshrine02, doorshrine06, doorshrine07, doorshrine08, doorshrine09, doorshrine10, doorshrine11, doorshrine12, doorshrine13, doorshrine15, doorhshrine16
Level Up to Amethyst: septette05, asset20, upbeat12, toran07, closest18, gray crayon
Mastered Vector: squats17, engineer08, closest19, gray crayon
Mastered Closest: heartbreak14, pervert03, knowledge20, purple crayon
Mastered Knowledge: solitary13, sos10, doorshrine19, purple crayon
Mastered Antoinette: raison20, fugaku04, doorshrine20, orange crayon
Mastered Door Shrine: fantasize20, mist10, ailecrono09, red crayon
Mastered Babbit: biology04, deceive18, ailecrono13, green crayon
Palette Portfolio 3: crawling20, daisy10, spiderqueen01, outsider10, brown crayon, yellow crayon, purple crayon, orange crayon
Mystery of the Silver Cup 2: mu01, madcancer13, yggdrasil11, crimea08
Guess the Color 178: pluses09, eccentric16, roseprince09
Directions 81: courage12, cascade12, milkyway07
Neku's Music Station 184: guilty09, dynames14, empathy07, strategy03, mononoke11
Neku's Music Station 185: stripes01, mercurius18, honorific19, sympathy08, darkening06
Art Lessons with Rukia 189: grandson09, ahoki07
Costume Party 203: timid16, izuna-otoshi16, borealis13, zanbatou06
Reading Between the Lines 117: influence20, conducts11, lunartear12, yo-yo08

July 12, 2014
Trade: distrust20, kyudo04, and traditional02 for isolation08, minervykins08, and pherae07, [personal profile] toran

July 11, 2014
July Release: brushgods10, fisticuffs03, ensanguined07, anklets08, jingling11, affection10, ignite06, dancing15, ikebana04, dreamyard17, nuvema09, anxiety13, clearing07
Trade: hottemper02 for redeyes16, [personal profile] eyvindur
Trade: cradle16 for closest17, [personal profile] toran
Trade: anxiety13 for meganest02, [personal profile] igiko
Help Miss Kamila 37: darkfusion18, adeptrogue14
A Challenger Appears 20: cellphones02, barbarossa01, heightened08, zauber13, attache20, aria13, green crayon
Fan Zone 1: sympathetic03, ossan13, sonic16, priestess01, rebel20, peddler20, drowsiness10, brushgods03
The Mystery of the Silver Cup 1: lyrics13, withlove17, kyudo04, player108
Graffiti 78: pururun05, regalia11, bosessed02, sousui13, drossel15
Help Miss Kamila 32: scholarship07, nukes13, bunbunmaru04, toyboat11
Help Miss Kamila 38: distrust20, mole12
Donated to Scrapbook 97: strict05, talisman17, lyrics03
Recycled Art: antoinette08, bench14, kaze20, lettuce04, lettuce05, meganest12, mop06, redeyes05, teasing20, unpleasant12
Directions 80: littleevil08, nyu16, failure13, billiards12, observing06, etherrifle02
Art Lessons with Rukia 188: leader14, geika15
Guess the Color 177: opposite10, heartbeat04, genking09
Costume Party 202: apologetic20, brains18, hostile18, windor13
Player Report 41: grapes02, selfless02, confidence17, geek13
Reading Between the Lines 116: lettuce14, prefect18, danceflame05, greece15, moe06, forklift13, lancelot10, softball13, understand05, gewehr02, purple crayon
Conan's Clues 203: lunallena16, treasure20, oldlion10
Trade: at-low15, blogger17, and operator16 for brush01, pendulum20, and zanza02, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: clearing07, nervous07, and nervous13 for ailecrono19, assist10, and clever02, [personal profile] sal

July 6, 2014
Pick a Color 94: neatfreak18, lightblue12, archadia06, demonic13, shujin17, beautiful09, fan11, elderly10, worry12, traditional02, sincerity01, owngoal04, oriental10, dog-like10
Sketchpad Turn In x2: broke04, mercurius09, eldarian07, lolita05, purple crayon, green crayon
Art Shop: red crayon x1, orange crayon x14, purple crayon x3, and gray crayon x9 for closest16, knowledge02, knowledge03, knowledge04, knowledge06, knowledge07, knowledge08, knowledge09, knowledge11, knowledge12, knowledge13, knowledge16, knowledge17, knowledge18, knowledge19, antoinette13, antoinette18, antoinette20, babbit02, babbit10, babbit18, vector05, vector08, vector09, vector12, vector14, vector20

July 4, 2014
Spare Parts 157: hero05, wakening02, horizon12, mateba03
Pokeradar 190: dattebayo06, peddler20, ragnarok10
Mastered Fourstival: spot02, mercurial01, lascivious20, mastery of Spunquel (spunquel01, spunquel02, spunquel03, spunquel04, spunquel05, spunquel06, spunquel07, spunquel08, spunquel09, spunquel10, spunquel11, spunquel12, spunquel13, spunquel14, spunquel15, spunquel16, spunquel17, spunquel18, spunquel19, spunquel20), blue crayon
Kiss the Cook 19: literature03, kosmos12
Anniversary Day 8 (cont): infatuated13, food10, ccarayhua10, rip-off06, blackbelt14, position008, overpower03, euphoria04, green crayon
Player Report 40: tamarin18, shaolin02, voiceless10, falling10
Fan Mail 27: catgirl03, fullbloom19, happyend06, accounts09
Crosswords 84: intelligent10, marchhare01, kicker10, zaibatsu17, streamlight05, gunblade17
Reading Between the Lines 115: eccentric11, mp305, reliable15, filthy12
Costume Party 201: monkey13, detection06, goodcop01, unseen07
Host Club Giveaway 90: basil09, julia11, mochimazui19

July 1, 2014
Player Report 39: trusting20, psychology05, long-range17, gemmy09
Help Miss Kamila 36: miko09, helper09
Hibiki's Fan Mail 26: heir19, shonichi14, 66904, hiraikotsu04, distance05
Guess the Color 176: social13, julia13, kaiser03
Seiyuu Guess 172: duality14, deathgod13, camerawoman20
Seiyuu Guess 173: soporific20, mountain18, blank05
Anniversary Day 19 (cont): fourstival19, information06, gray crayon
Anniversary Day 21: lure17, sullen03, engagement01, firstson07, hug01, fourstival19, orange crayon
Directions 79: muromachi03, orpheus19, winter04
Anniversary Day 6 (cont): fourstival06

June 26, 2014
Spare Parts 156: automail12, ladyluck01, fashionable10, narcissist13, apos12, christmas10
Pokeradar 189: rude15, engineer04, unsatisfied15
Anniversary Day 12: fourstival12, abraxas13, bills03, helmsman19, yamabuki06, hm-43205, pameruku16, reins02, yellow crayon
Anniversary Day 20: fourstival20, embarrassed09, boilerroom11, leadcrow03

June 24, 2014
Anniversary Day 7: gastanets10, closest07, fourstival07
Graffiti 77: hogyoku20, nightmare11, deny17, arcusprima16, blackbelt20
A Challenger Appears 19: chainsaw17, lotus17, hazard07, cat14
Anniversary Day 18: earnest14, selfish20, dtr14, fourstival18, closest09, yellow crayon
Directions 78: faithful07, darkmay17, ryouran04
Guess the Color 175: sororicide08, kneel03, madder12
Trade: benetnasch01, benetnasch15, rebel09, rebel16, and taunts15 for analyze06, fireball05, normal17, rush02, and sommelier10, [personal profile] maesterlicious

June 22, 2014
Pick a Color 93: warlord05, seminar17
Anniversary Day 14 (cont): fourstival14
Trade: bushido03, coexistence11, honorific11, intuition18, motor15, southitaly10, theater13, arcana13, and darkening20 for teasing17, davinci04, lettuce13, newton10, strawberry08, twilight02, fireball11, partner17, and support16, [personal profile] dialny

June 21, 2014
Anniversary Day 19: brushgods19
Directions 77: cosmoses15, tensho18, meiji15
Neku's Music Station 183: versicolor19, yamaken11, nephew15, homicidal15, fullest15
Pokeradar 187+188: sour06, naraku14, hottemper02, flash14, windaquario04, 1stchild04
Art Lessons with Rukia 185: pheromone03, protestant07
Anniversary Day 10: meramera13, dearbaby12, bigkitty02, fourstival10
Anniversary Day 17: fourstival17, closest08, twili13, cheersquad17, gray crayon
Anniversary Day 16: elemia17, burst15, freeshooter02, closest11, fourstival16, blue crayon
Anniversary Day 15 (cont): fourstival15
Costume Party 200: senbon05, scythes19, shinmeiryuu14, sacrifice04, bakuzan09, replicant06, aerialace17, tauburn15, shapeshift11, pink15, pompadour06, nyu14, purple crayon, yellow crayon
Reading Between the Lines 114: cleanup06, nameko13, blastia06, disinfect14, vino14, irontail06, silpheed03, robotabuse13, halberd07, kali-yuga15, orange crayon
Guess the Color 174: spiritwave19, 20th09, jobs03
Player Report 38: reference07, pal13, icebeam07, evolution14
Crosswords 83: strongest03, alioth15, balancer07, contests14, ilmago10, jps18
Host Club Giveaway 89: claymore05, curepeach12, sekigan08
Hibiki's Fan Mail 25: miracle07, shackle15, cosplay01, apples01
Shadow Watching 164: sister13, thinking07, gakuen05, friend07
Anniversary Day 11 (cont): fourstival11

June 17, 2014
Trade: belderiver15 and titrel03 for pebble04 and pherae08, [personal profile] adurotum

June 16, 2014
Trade: keyboard15, kusarigama12, poultry17, surnames18, and visions04 for duck01, kidnapped01, kwando18, parallel20, and tamarin02, [personal profile] toran
Anniversary Day 15: closest15
Anniversary Day 8: fourstival08
Spare Parts 154+155: mysteries07, cspd18, left16, belderiver15, hawk05, inherited17, adepts15, worthy04
Kiss the Cook 16: proxy15, touchthis02
Anniversary Day 9: fourstival09, east14, teases02, gray crayon

June 15, 2014
Trade: cynical01, faith14, favoring20, objection16, psychology18, and voile08 for ailecrono16, manipulative14, blunt16, compassion14, england01, and rush05, [personal profile] chronikle
Trade: a-10010002, chessboard07, colonel15, decalogue11, mercenary11, perceptive07, presidente01, talking09, usagi11, violence09, and violence18 for ebracrypt11, manipulative12, exalt08, pebble05, pebble07, pherae09, pillowtalk05, vector17, another05, babbit01, and babbit20, [personal profile] fall
Art Shop: traded in 3 red crayons and 9 brown crayons for runa16, runa18, runa19, devilchild03, devilchild04, devilchild05, devilchild08, devilchild10, devilchild14, devilchild17, devilchild18, devilchild19
Sketchpad Turn In x2: keyboard15, jellyfish14, visions04, counter09, red crayon, blue crayon
Seiyuu Guess 171: clarines09, obscenity17, henshin03
Seiyuu Guess 170: swordsman06, strawberry10, cursedseal12
Mastered Runa: heir02, honoo05, closest01, gray crayon
Mastered Devil Child: portalstone01, hello20, closest03, purple crayon
Anniversary Day 13: sonic03, bikinis09, musicboxes01, musubi13, fourstival13

June 14, 2014
Level Up to Sapphire: curiosity02, rent05, harmony11, b-rabbit16, angels14, aug2318, voile08, avoid18, closest05, closest07, brown crayon, red crayon
Conan's Clues 199: catclaw08, upbringing03, talking09
Fan Mail 24: rayearth07, everybirdie14, information05, safety15
Anniversary Day 14: closest14, begnion14

June 13, 2014
Anniversary Day 11: support06
Directions 76: amahara18, mobile12, shaman18
Trade: heroking15 for angelpowder07, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Anniversary Day 3: submitted anchor15, kill19, androphobic18, blackbelt17, and hawk14; received sevendays02, southitaly10, mugen04, monkey05, athletic17, bk-20110, succubus15, b-rabbit20, lander18, gladiator04, fourstival03
Guess the Color 172+173: zgundam10, monado08, fencer13, torture20, oyajijokes20, kakaka08, orange crayon
Rolling Down the UMN 15: kshatriya06, witchgirl12, weed10, umbrellas10, biscuit14, thedevil09
Quilting 63: susanoo12, bodyguard01, adeptrogue18, treasurer15
Trade: messiah20, popular05, and popular06 for teasing04, teasing05, and teasing09, [personal profile] sal
Gift: teasing16 from [personal profile] sal
Costume Party 198+199: ripple02, sunrune15, smitten15, squad09, helper09, mathematics11, unorthodox06, prelati08, green crayon
Reading Between the Lines 112+113: wisel16, sorcerer02, beard02, blocker18, devoured05, tune20, esteem08, susanoo08, reactions11, pharaoh12, impressions09, knight18, hornet07, seventh11, red crayon, yellow crayon
Player Report 37: haven09, fudanshi01, brickbreak03, wired10

June 10, 2014
Graffiti 76: drunk15, shattered16, dimwitted16, coolene10, hamster13
Help Miss Kamila 35: claws02, heroking15
June Release: closest04, josei08, region20, tripping06, bodhisattva17, prayer19, collision13, ancestor09, boilerroom06, obedient17, centurion19, begging09, bluerogue11
Trade: begging09 for appraiser09, [personal profile] tomato
Trade: bluerogue11 for begnion03, [personal profile] steakmilk

June 8, 2014
Hibiki's Fan Mail 23: rash15, 66620, worthy09, draciel13, doorshrine17, unorthodox20
Recycled Art: eighth09, flapping15, kaze10, kaze14, kendo19, knowledge14, moumentai01, pacifist20, prodigy03, yami19
A Challenger Appears 18: harmonica11, blogger17, truebeauty12, blazers20

June 7, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 34: rosary05, austria06
Pick a Color 92: lander06, shattered09, witchqueen16, grapes07, helper17

June 6, 2014
Anniversary Day 6: devilchild09
Costume Party 197: supermarket20, arcana13, kingo04, loleus13
Reading Between the Lines 111: archery14, skater04, cakepig15, asturia20
Anniversary Day 5: fourstival05, ghibli18, genking06, nightmare03
Host Club Giveaway 88: indecent09, academy18, kaminokoe14
Recycled Art: knowledge10, knowledge15, leader06, mutt04, pebble12, prodigy05, ragnell04, runa11, silk12, twilight06
Player Report 36: kenpo05, runner14, plugin08, caged11
C-C-Combo Breaker (chain of 3): owl09, spitfire15, figments10, abyss09, blacklion06, lemonsoda11, yips10, sinner07
Crosswords 82: olive15, flamingo18, brave18, marshmallow11, surpass15, pigeons10
Conan's Clues 197+198: apollo13, deimosking08, singer19, voice14, s-class05, trueblood02
Trade: code0615 and conducts18 for kingkazma04 and manners15, [personal profile] minteaprince

June 4, 2014
Rolling Down the UMN 14: javelin15, leasing19, poultry17, shogun18, transfer03, mars08, victory11, summon08, gatsuga10, de-aging05
Seiyuu Guess 169: nightshade16, alkahestry08, goals01, nosebleed15, darkones19, items05, gigant18, mind15, successor02, flask09, drilling17, code0615, red crayon
Art Lessons with Rukia 183: playwright20, speedstar14
Anniversary Day 4: fourstival04, orange crayon, green crayon

June 3, 2014
Scrapbook 93: nyo07, apollo03, girl19
Directions 75: almakinan08, irondragon09, mafiaboss18, at-low19, runesage14, swimtrunks03
Pokeradar 186: vritra04, precious17, flashlight07
Spare Parts 153: bye-bye08, lightmusic11, forks11, kusarigama12
Trade: diariumejus10, flirting04, fraternal16, gouf02, gravity15, impulsive08, isolated04, pitviper03, sigmund08, smart-mouth03, tensai19, chibipuri10, megaten11, and signature for assist01, closest02, devilchild06, devilchild11, devilchild12, devilchild13, devilchild16, ebracrypt01, ebracrypt15, ebracrypt17, lowborn18, proxy05, proxy12, and signature, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Anniversary Day 2: kunoichi03, fourstival02, varuga13, kaneda10, stray13, runa15, changshan17, orange crayon, orange crayon

June 2, 2014
Level Up to Emerald: lonely03, spaz05, punches10, crawling09, smart-mouth03, hawk14, rian01, hachimaki04, runa10, runa20, gray crayon, red crayon
Trade: chocolate02, dawn18, damsel20, droopy20, electricity16, finland12, finland20, freeze16, madness14, madness18, orcatrainer11, reckon05, robotabuse19, sigmund16, and umibozu16 for clever10, pherae11, redeyes02, redeyes19, unpleasant20, vector06, babbit07, fate15, ikazuchi10, pacifist10, pomegranate11, pomegranate18, samekh05, shadow02, and tamer04, [personal profile] dialny
Anniversary Day 1: fourstival01, chui15, charge15

May 31, 2014
Mastered Cyber: monster11, petite07, runa01, gray crayon
Mastered Magic Key: highspirited13, smell14, runa12, yellow crayon
Mastered Savior: empathy14, usagi11, runa14, green crayon

May 30, 2014
Art Studio: traded in ailecrono20, manikatti15, meganest08, rosary04, sympathy20, thunder10, wolfbeil09, xrosheart07, and robberfly14 for magickey19, magickey20, and runa04
Quilting 62: roses15, zombie11, elrond02, sharingan04, brown crayon
Shadow Watching 161: a-10010002, bass06, humanist13, cybele18, tetrageniot18, chef03
Player Report 35: greece06, dj03, panther19, german11
Art Shop: traded in 3 red crayons, 7 yellow crayons, 10 green crayons, and 12 purple crayons for runa07, runa08, runa09, savior03, savior07, savior10, savior11, savior12, savior13, savior18, cyber01, cyber03, cyber04, cyber05, cyber06, cyber07, cyber11, cyber14, cyber18, cyber20, magickey01, magickey03, magickey04, magickey06, magickey08, magickey09, magickey10, magickey11, magickey13, magickey15, magickey16, magickey17
Sketchpad Turn In x4: diclonius03, billiards09, waterpistol18, funloving06, psychiatrist13, bolverk11, raison13, 2-319, purple crayon, orange crayon, blue crayon, yellow crayon

May 29, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 33: seiryuu06, zearth13, lastmagnum07

May 28, 2014
Guess the Color 170: kailu20, spirit20, priestess04
Reading Between the Lines 110: 1000th12, nephew15, gravekeeper11, gondola02, funland13, sayo03, whiteknight18, spider18, greenthumb18, conclusions18, grey crayon
Costume Party 196: flirting04, faith14, revizer08, curebeat16
Host Club Giveaway 87: fraternal16, champion03, northstar06
Shadow Watching 160: seasalt02, selfless08, dollmaster06, bandit10
Player Report 34: conclusions08, pompadour17, overpower06, goggles05
Crosswords 81: meat20, concealed02, reporter17, horizon04, seconds07, page07
Seiyuu Guess 167: fantasize11, gloucester18, krisna17
A Challenger Appears 17: flowery02, headphones03, blacklion16, flash03
Seiyuu Guess 168: mononoke05, gnaw16, snowboard13
Pick a Color 91: pororin02, gravity15, tamarin04
Neku's Music Station 182: illegitimate03, psychology18, tri-edge14, shark17
Graffiti 75: sigmund16, kitten10, medicans10, swordswoman08, debonair18, cgi12, omega11, marching20, robberfly14, netnavi13, grey crayon, purple crayon
Spare Parts 152: revenant03, raison11, peacock10, ciaossu04
Guess the Color 171: straylize06, bondage20, instructor17
Art Lessons with Rukia 182: rush03, mellow15
Trade: 66703, 92fs14, bigkitty10, brat14, caster01, cherryboy15, comet08, demon19, diligent04, directions14, flash07, hachiko08, hakubaiko07, hammer10, haunt06, herbalist06, holybell17, necromancer06, nosebleed01, playbirdie10, and racer03 for ebracrypt06, ebracrypt18, brush04, cyber19, koyaku03, koyaku11, maniac16, moonchild09, prima18, prince12, thunder09, ultimarain07, brushgods14, partner18, antoinette09, armadillo18, blunt15, compassion20, crybaby20, davinci20, and defense07, [personal profile] possibilityleft

May 20, 2014
Graphics Special Announcement: selphia14
Neku's Music Station 181: favoring20, passionate06, benishigure10, ladybug09
Colors Chat 13: charm12, crescent17, love17, father10, electric05, manikatti15, analysis07
Trade: adherent04 and assertive07 for angelpowder02 and magickey12, [personal profile] toran

May 16, 2014
Trade: 1stchild01, actress13, admire06, cry13, and rouge08 for koyaku02, lastmagnum12, magickkey02, manikatti14, and youmu15, [personal profile] empanadas
Player Report 33: firefist17, opening14, thor13, impulsive08
Conan's Clues 195: misspeak18, octava01, prithivi01

May 15, 2014
Recycled Art: analyze01, analyze14, antoinette12, antoinette17, athletic04, athletic09, blueflare05, blueflare08, blueflare09, caring09
Guess the Color 169: raisondetre09, cosmoses16, 20th11
Trade: cryogenic03, luxury07, and green02 for blueflare07, love15, and razorleaf19, [personal profile] chronikle
Level Up to Gold: another08, big18, voodoo06, kakaka05, libra07, deathzone06, rosary04, perfection06, runa03, runa17, purple crayon, green crayon
Costume Party 195: x-scissor03, shippudash01, aqua07, demon19
Reading Between the Lines 109: mountains17, iwa-chan03, directions14, hello14
Go Fish 180: cello15, kakaka14

May 13, 2014
Trade: firebringer13 and kendama10 for duck15 and nekotalia18, [personal profile] toran

May 12, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 31: vegetables18, uriah18
Kiss the Cook 15: broccoli01, rent15
Pick A Color 90: juliet16, seer18, piglet18, analyzation04, imitation16, disaresta05, fun16, pistol02, yggdrasil05, nightshade01, skater15, roseprince02, tama-ya10, shadowless09, flash07, zephyr08, gastanets12, girl18, pasta07, messiah05, home06, toxic10, lemu15, septette03, antisocial07
Trade: cake13, drei11, monomane13, and yips11 for magicalfire01, poisonivy17, sweat06, and yami16, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Recycled Art: kendo04, kendo06, love03, pacifist11, sincerity06, tomboy10, xrosheart07, 8-bit08, 8-bit15
Art Studio: exchanged taser08, rising10, vermouth19; purple06, robots08, robots11, r-traps15, red13, sailorfuku02, scientists08, seele17, sekit15, shinen14, winter17, zearth02; received gastark19, slimes16, slimes17, slimes18, slimes19
Donated Angel Powder: pigtails02, benishigure16, blizzard20, yellow crayon
Donated Last Magnum: rival04, titrel13, marksman19, gray crayon
Donated Ultima Rain: firebringer16, maidcafe11, curepassion14, gray crayon
Graffiti 74: arc06, gouf02, eroge09, divination12, shards05
Mastered Gastark: fang19, horoscope06, runa13, green crayon
Mastered Slimes: fullest05, vanship08, orcatrainer11, brushgods16, gray crayon
Completed Palette Portfolio #2: tsunpo05, playbirdie10, bedofroses13, violence09, brown crayon, brown crayon, green crayon, green crayon

May 9, 2014
Recycled Art: blunt11, cupcake03, defense18, einstein02, einstein08, galileo12, kita09, shadow18, shadow19, sockpuppet10
Art Lessons with Rukia 179: drops03, pomegranite12
Guess the Color 168: rosary04, doll07, angelic15
Colors Egg Hunt: geika04, oshu14, robotabuse19, spiritmagic09, sommelier02, ability15, sealed14, taurus14, greenvale03, blaze07, reckless02, kodama10, conducts18, imaginal03, april01, orange17, duck19, classrep01, military08, arlia05, zombie08, vintage20, kidnapped13, everafter18, varuga11, demonking06, dachshund04, badcop08, canaan14, samuraicat19, shapeshift08, exalt06, 142cm07, sakura11, red crayon, blue crayon, purple crayon, blue crayon, yellow crayon, purple crayon, gray crayon, orange crayon, purple crayon, purple crayon
Costume Party 194: sketchbook20, bigkitty10, 75th14, lockedin12
Reading Between the Lines 108: hachimaki12, owner15, father07, reference06, esp06, exorcist19, neojapan07, rockleone14, plain19, interested03, yellow crayon
Host Club Giveaway 86: cage02, flawless04, mineral02
Ansem's Player Report 32: tinto09, curewhite19, naska18, odyssey19
A Challenger Appears 16: estonia10, objection16, debauchery09, fairies08, memphis20, tease18, green crayon
May Release: angelpowder17, ultimarain17, lastmagnum17, rejection03, elocution20, x-laws05, loveberry03, relicsong16, evolution14, challenges03, soldiers08, runa05
Trade: loligothic18, lovequeen05, and magicaltoy15 for teasing14, kitsune10, and brushgods01, [personal profile] vivillion
Trade: talking10 and yamaken06 for redeyes20 and androgynous17, [personal profile] adurotum
Trade: businessman08, iss10, karaoke16, and trance16 for assist19, badda-boom11, pheromone06, and snowboard07, [personal profile] lochvaan
Trade: cardinal13, chozo03, chozo08, flash12, graywolf05, gunblade14, hiraikotsu15, sorceress01, stapler14, typhoon15, and paranoia04 for ayesir06, bloodline06, bow09, clever20, cyber02, elegies09, fireball12, foxmagic01, fuhrer04, hatshepsut08, and paladin04, [personal profile] advancing

May 4, 2014
Guess the Color 167: bunny03, honnoji12, guns04
Art Lessons with Rukia 178: daughter02, duality16
Art Studio (April): traded bandana01, bubblegum12, charge16, compassion18, guidance08, lettuce02, lightblue05, lovey-dovey18, protective13, revival08, romance10, sign12, usagimimi17, shinen16, shinen20, shoujo15, shounen02, shounen15, thieves08, trailblazer17, twintails06, ultima15, watermelon01, and uaa04 for gastark03, gastark04, gastark06, gastark07, slimes04, slimes05, slimes06, slimes08
Go Fish 175: lion05, gransys11
Costume Party 193: firebringer13, zgundam01, earth12, taekwondo19
Reading Between the Lines 107: aeon17, smell03, 1stchild01, rare20, blacksmith11
Conan's Clues 193: necktie15, channel17, noheart20, messiah20
Player Report 31: orbs15, mirakurun05, thunder10, conquest10
Trade: fantail14 and teller05 for teasing01 and teasing03, [personal profile] sal
April Pot of Gold: submitted choice16, forelock06, trueblood01, namekian15; received insight07, pinzu11, officer16, luxury07, ladle08, feiris01, asteria20, rollout02, reliable13, brave16, taijutsu03, kilenc20, fairy11, mamushi17, basil03, hatshepsut02, helper06, sealed08, vierge10, teikoku18, yips11, badfuture11, sealed18, vermouth19, stern12, hammer10, lorikeet05, space01, robotics08, brat14, setz01, amon09, aztec16, tamer19, maihime08, rising10, nekotalia15, closest12, first17, biker07, villain16, necktie12, nose03, fanboy09, supportive09, lempicka20, surnames18, 20th12, alioth15, cute05, gunblade14, saillune11, blue crayon, brown crayon, gray crayon, blue crayon, green crayon, purple crayon, double prizes for three levels coupon
Neku's Music Station 179: racer03, mustasim05, meganest08, catmask16, attack04
Neku's Music Station 180: laguz13, microbes19, zearth02, shinen14, darkening20
Help Miss Kamila 30: osananajimi17, geisha18
Pokeradar 182+183: rasetsu06, schwarzer13, scooter20, unsurpassed11, motor15, reckon05

April 28, 2014
Trade: rely14, spicyageha04, spicyageha09, starmiya05, and starmiya08 for fireball09, heavens17, lenster02, survey19, and begnion17, [personal profile] vivillion
Trade: leanbox14 and syringe11 for ailecrono20 and doorshrine03, [personal profile] waldosia
Delete Shiritori: submitted akuma17; received quincy01, voiceless06, sensible10, bravo02, bench11
Trade: agent01 and agent02 for ailecrono14 and ailecrono20, [personal profile] furfrou
Graffiti 73: dresses16, mellow19, rabsbane10, cry13, deathzone09

April 27, 2014
Trade: messenger15 for manikatti09, [personal profile] ryner
Trade: oilpaint20 for tamarin19, [personal profile] apprivoiser
Trade: oolong13 and spider02 for aerialace09 and mutt01, [personal profile] toran
Trade: garouga14 and gatsuga08 for manipulative16 and brush20, [personal profile] moon_wolf
Trade: foul11, foul15, patch14, and swallow16 for prima04, prima19, reshbal05, and stapler19, [personal profile] advancing
Trade: two orange crayons for one red crayon and one brown crayon, [personal profile] euploeamulciber
Trade: composure02 for minervykins05, [personal profile] yokatta
Gift: despair20 from [personal profile] yokatta
Trade: breath16, chiefmaid08, christianity20, netherworld10, notequal12, ordinary20, and guertena18 for doorshrine17, durandal18, lorikeet02, pomegranite19, shadow12, tamarin15, and aerialace08, [personal profile] cendol
Sketchpad Turn-In x4: akizora04, tensai19, lonely19, manba09, dizzy14, villager10, seven18, producer12, green crayon, red crayon, green crayon, and blue crayon
Art Shop: exchanged 8 red crayons, 3 blue crayons, and 3 gray crayons for gastark08, gastark09, gastark10, gastark12, gastark13, gastark15, gastark17, gastark18, slimes09, slimes12, and slimes13

April 26, 2014
Player Report 30: oilpaint20, deliver12, fenia11, fantail14
Trade: reality20 for magickey07, [personal profile] sami_fire
Crosswords 79: spicyageha13, youthful16, skyking17, information17, tekigousha03, bull05
Seiyuu Guess 166: fangs12, taser08, whipsmack09
A Challenger Appears 15: bond06, delete17, brokenrose01, instinct13
Kiss the Cook 14: popstar12, two03
Help Miss Kamila 28: lettuce02, costumes13, stranger05
Trade: motherly15, tonfar20, and a yellow crayon for protective14, reliability12, and a brown crayon, [personal profile] toran
Trade: tricks19, council05, and raw10 for algorithm10, compassion15, and xrosheart07, [personal profile] minteaprince
Trade: bags10, everafter18, and ursula19 for mop01, proxy13, and yami09, [personal profile] needles
Trade: apos16, apos20, apples12, bubblegum12, destiny14, guidance08, salamander11, stern20, and survivor04 for another06, antoinette02, babbit15, doorshrine04, maniac14, pacifist14, pebble13, vector07, and zanza10, [personal profile] emberwishes
Trade: absolute02, blocker09, boxingring06, boxingring09, and enroll03 for lowborn11, prince01, lettuce16, stapler20, and lorikeet16, [personal profile] stag
Trade: dragon12 and talisman15 for compassion04 and galileo06, [personal profile] lochvaan
Trade: basketballs06, claymore03, hide18, kamisarizuki02, kamisarizuki20, letter16, pal02, rebirth05, remaining13, tattooed18, utsuwa13, whitecoat12, and zippo12 for edison20, falling04, meganest05, normal05, pebble03, applecot01, bluestar18, curediamond04, perutan20, pikori02, shutter13, tortoise16, and tragedies02, [personal profile] dieneces
Trade: date15 for goggles04, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: akabari17, akabari18, bestfriend06, bigsister01, burn03, capricorn02, danceflame19, deliver12, firefly11, gunjou12, gunjou20, lowee05, menma11, and zagan04 for 10join16, armadillo11, darkflame03, duck20, ebracrypt03, galileo11, goggles13, kaze08, knowledge01, ladybug17, octal13, pomegranite04, pomegranite17, and thehero08, [personal profile] utsuwa
Trade: conducts09, coo09, and redscarf07 for cyber10, prodigy13, and thunder10, [personal profile] sal
Trade: fishing07 for tsukkomi17, [personal profile] chronikle

April 24, 2014
Beauty Pageant 81: gnaw17, nosebleed06, bartender09, dogs18, hymmeli18, romance10
Art Lessons with Rukia 177: burdened03, aquarium15
Costume Party 192: coexistence11, shinen16, awkward06, restore13
Reading Between the Lines 106: diary14, talking10, poffins08, vest14, shinen20, bubblegum12, van08, general09, trueblood01, usagimimi17, yellow crayon
Host Club Giveaway 85: fade11, shirogamon08, bushido03
Trade: liladan08, machine19, oath14, and oath20 for algorithm09, cascade09, sen18, and wandering17, [personal profile] mori
Seiyuu Guess 165: garland07, obsessed06, ladykiller14
Trade: eternia02 for doorshrine05, [personal profile] lanvaldear
Gift: gave children01 to [personal profile] krissasaur
Gift: gave aquarium15 to [personal profile] yonlin
Gift: gave estonia14 to [personal profile] zettaimuri
Trade: ukraine01 and ukraine02 for thunder11 and zephyr13, [personal profile] zettaimuri
Gift: gave doubledash08 to [personal profile] portaling
Gift: gave mushi11 to [personal profile] murkrows

April 21, 2014
Delete Shiritori 28: submitted nanoda16; received benetnasch01, shirogamon15, coo09, stronger11, digipad05
Rolling Down the UMN 13: clover16, dearbaby15, winter17, speech18, lowborn03
Remodeling Station: submitted strategy08 and adore04; received muromachi08, uaa04, scepter406, witchcraft08, golddragon11
Guess the Color 166: seminar06, ropes16, stapler14

April 17, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 27: pink04, tail17
Art Lessons with Rukia 176: taekwondo14, b-rabbit01
Go Fish 173: urn10, flapping09
Reading Between the Lines 105: shinmeiryuu02, talisman15, motorcycle16, marbirthday11
Costume Party 191: bloodhound05, brahms03, pigtails15, biscuit06
Conan's Clues 191: avenge16, bigsister01, jizaikon10
Player Report 29: isolated04, flask06, coquettish16, de-aging14

April 15, 2014
Delete Shiritori 27: submitted rorona10; received monomane13, marionette18, camazotz19, chivalry04, ronin02
Donated Magic Key: composed07, orange05, ambitious11, green crayon
Donated Door Shrine: impetuous11, stamina07, victim12, gray crayon
Donated Grand Cross: fang01, pebble20, youthful06, blue crayon
Colors Chat 11: lazier20, pudding02, claymore03, hamster15, madao14
Spare Parts 150: masochism14, yamaken06, priestess06, moodmaker17, imperious09, bounty13, fullmoon08, ojamajo06, purple crayon
Spare Parts 151: major11, judo11, lollipops13, impostors06
Pokeradar 179: 89th19, 92fs14, dojikko07
Pokeradar 180: influence04, trips08, persistent08
Recycled Art: 10join01, 10join14, closest13, demonking17, galileo19, koyaku15, vector19, zanza13, chibipuri05, slimes10
Peach's Birthday Present 22: stealing14, benetnasch15, hats16, mission20
Peach's Birthday Present 21: melchsee06, bofu01, chevalier04, method16
Trade: angels15 for magickey14, [personal profile] prisma
Guess the Color 165: colony913, defense06, chui20
Graffiti 72: trailblazer17, spiritwave03, bar20, protestant08, ugly03
Seiyuu Guess 164: peppy03, bararaq11, bunny16, gray crayon
Trade: bar20 for einstein06, [personal profile] minteaprince

April 12, 2014
Conan's Clues 190: animals12, swordsman10, empowering08
A Challenger Appears 14: taser08, tekou04, hope03, meteor02
Player Report 28: cybernetic01, oath20, heybo05, umibozu15
Crosswords 78: baker03, everafter18, minchi18, netherworld10, tomboyish14, zaibatsu11
Scrapbook 86: unorthodox05, tricks19, spirit12
Pick a Color 89: wien13, gadgeteer15, inherit19, mysteria05

April 10, 2014
Trade: investigator05 for magickey05, [personal profile] nidoking
Host Club Giveaway 84: delinquent04, fox08, enroll03

April 9, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 104: clow05, goodcop20, diamonds05, rouge08, maestro08, kaka07, spider02, swindler17, childstar20, boxingring09, yellow crayon
Art Lessons with Rukia 175: skeptic15, distant03
Go Fish 171+172: glasses11, davinci08
Costume Party 190: guidance08, sunlight20, mother20, epyon18, tenswords16, pig03, mist09, tiger04
April Release: brush13, hats04, daein12, doorshrine18, magickey18, grandcross17, rattata19, isolation16, humilau06, angels15, messhouen20, investigator05, eternia02
Trade: messhouen20 for doorshrine14, [personal profile] kippi

April 8, 2014
Neku's Music Station 178: uniform10, at-low15, 75th13, breath16, loligothic18, date15
Help Miss Kamila 26: 66703, birthmark16
Sketchpad Turn In x2: mushi11, warrior12, american07, teacup16, gray crayon, orange crayon
Art Shop: turned in 6 green crayons for heights02, heights06, heights11, heights12, heights14, heights15
Mastered Heights: ultima15, 66911, gastark02, green crayon
Level Up to Amber: mellow04, estonia14, zippo11, gene07, gastark01, purple crayon
Recycled Art: blunt12, brag14, pheromone07, protective12, protective13, zanza07
Guess the Color 164: bellflower17, cuter19, shounen02
Delete Shiritori 26: submitted player210, received ayesir02, nelde20, motherly15, slimes20, wildlife15
Recycled Art: shadow03, sockpuppet01, sockpuppet04, sockpuppet19, twilight09, understand03
Recycled Art: babbit17, babbit19, babbit20, worst08, xrosheart10, xrosheart20
Trade: playbirdie17 for perceive19, [personal profile] sal
Trade: alexandria06, bloodhound09, cats06, causality09, drops08, effeminate08, eggs19, forest01, gekko09, greedy01, jurai04, killerbee03, p-chan02, performer05, promotion09, raccoon01, shouryuuken09, shouryuuken18, snake05, and wingzero09 for proxy01, cyber08, durandal11, mop02, prima16, teasing02, thunder05, thunder18, zanza09, antoinette15, despair03, ikazuchi06, ikazuchi18, kita05, newton02, normal11, pheromone08, protective13, takatomon13, and thehero16, [personal profile] phibby

April 5, 2014
Remodeling Station: submitted eldest20 and elemio11; received caster01, elegance10, jester15, figurine16, electrifying17
Seiyuu Guess 163: nanatsusaya20, shenlong15, flowery01
Player Report 27: calm19, magicaltoy15, eternity09, brandless18
Beauty Pageant 80: fork02, fengshui18, typhoon15, happiness15, messenger15, madao06
Trade: a-hall12, caged15, heavenguide12, marble04, and nonchalant01 for appraiser05, barrels07, compassion09, heights09, and manners12, [personal profile] headset
Trade: daathic16 for jet09, [personal profile] toran

April 3, 2014
Rolling Down the UMN 12: siva04, choice16, broccoli05, bags10, grapes09, forelock06, lovey-dovey18, blackbelt17
Art Lessons with Rukia 174: watermelon01, littlebird06
Peach's Birthday Present 20: children01, cureheart15, shark11, namekian15, dunksmash14
Delete Shiritori 24: submitted kakaka18; received ylisse06, precepts17, violin07, jurai04
Delete Shiritori 25: submitted shadows20; received menma11, paint01, fire15, mjolnir08
Seiyuu Guess 162: inherit09, devilstrill10, paipai11
Peach's Birthday Present 17: damsel20, comet08, doubledash08, diamond15, blooming14, lightblue05, twintails06, blocker09, stern20, musicians18, red crayon
Trade: fenia20 and wayward07 for falling18 and spunquel09, [personal profile] eyvindur

April 1, 2014
Costume Party 189: shujaa15, hyakka12, companions16, meimei20
Reading Between the Lines 103: paranoia04, cardinal13, lively16, curepassion05
Trade: indifferent14 and steak06 for slimes03 and redeyes01, [personal profile] kuranosuke
The below were not technically earned in April but were logged today.
Help Miss Kamila 23: strategy08, green07
Help Miss Kamila 25: fruitist12, seaeagle10
Pick a Color 88: mechanical19, dominance01
A Challenger Appears 13: anaru06, comedy18, wolfbeil09, smoke17, gunjou12, zagan04
Graffiti 71: scientist15, jikochuu18, bubblegum12, kiev07, fabulous18
Guess the Color 163: dawn18, knight12, dreamer12, spoiled03

March 28, 2014
Trade: 89th04, april14, blondie08, demon06, demonic09, deny05, jokes14, kodama17, obscenity18, prithivi11, redchild20, tea18, veil20, and whiteclown06 for elemio20, meganest06, savior01, sympathy08, caring03, einstein04, ikazuchi15, normal08, takatomon16, algorithm19, beautiful02, hawk14, jet02, and jet10, [personal profile] harukami

March 27, 2014
Guess The Color 162: bestfriend06, thieves08, treasurer07
Reading Between the Lines 102: accounts19, feathers09, electricity16, performance17, bishi03, tristan09, rosesplash03, nervous13, lowee05, carrot09, blue crayon
Art Lessons with Rukia 173: skilled04, mugen02
Art Studio: traded in tartarus06, traps12, ultima08, ultima14, umn11, valentines07, villagers19, watermelon14, and world04 for slimes02, slimes07, slimes15
Host Club Giveaway 83: auntie08, greedy01, hysteria08
Player Report 26: passionate07, sage11, economics02, shaman17
Crosswords 77: mineral18, irondragon20, ifraid10, idiot07, yo-yo08, west11, purple crayon, green crayon, purple crayon
Trade: blogger13 and nfu16 for ally18 and takatomon18, [personal profile] kuranosuke

March 22, 2014
Player Report 25: gaebolg20, furpelt08, cuarta10, playbirdie17
Art Lessons with Rukia 172: ares11, fencer19
Trade: starhealer13 for elemio12, [personal profile] magaru
Trade: muscles18, muscles19, planners03, and volunteer11 for elemio16, falling15, mop07, and unpleasant05, [personal profile] sal

March 20, 2014
Sketchpad Turn-in x2: nephew08, overlord14, youthful01, abraxas08, brown crayon, green crayon
Art Shop: turned in yellow crayon x3 for eris06, eris07, eris12
Mastered Secrecy: player210, echo09, eris16, yellow crayon
Mastered Ray of Hope: occult10, unchanging15, eris17, red crayon
Mastered Hanafuda: nataku02, archery11, eris18, orange crayon
Mastered Eris: independent12, library14, gastark16, orange crayon
Mastered Usagimimi: iwant05, oranges11, viewpoint05, slimes11, yellow crayon

March 19, 2014
Rolling Down the UMN 11: rougeschool03, missions10, adherent04, prototype05, surfing15, 026714
Reading Between the Lines 101: lionheart08, kissing10, photon04, diligent08
Costume Party 188: eggs19, detached17, snowboard17, wayward07
Go Fish 170: matched hazard18; received umn11, firefly11
Trade: loveme17, magoi05, meijin02, janam18, janam20, and tartarus19 for wolfbeil12, youmu01, babbit11, goggles07, brushgods20, and razorleaf12, [personal profile] adurotum

March 18, 2014
Pokeradar 178: conducts09, gunjou20, fujoshi01
Player Report 24: heroic18, delete05, rivalry05, infinity08
Crosswords 76: original20, katana05, priestess09, redscarf07, ball02, hustle19
Seiyuu Guess 161: kiyoubinbou15, decalogue11, canary08
Seiyuu Guess 160: choice16, kendama04, sympathy20
Beauty Pageant 79: wingzero09, future13, elemio11, whiteclown06, natural16, airyglyph08, yellow crayon
Kiss the Cook 11: neshitteru01, heavenguide12
Help Miss Kamila 24: entertainer11, insei07
Neku's Music Station 177: goggles10, taunts15, shadow04, reshbal01
A Challenger Appears 12: mafiaboss11, prinny09, masamune11, easygoing13, thesun01, logical04
Graffiti 70: ki10, fisherman19, causality09, whitecoat12
Recycled Art: sincerity20, takatomon05, takatomon09, tomboy04, tomboy09, tomboy13
Remodeling Station: submitted liladan07 and wealthy10; received mechanic02, shippudash12, yamaken07, variable07, strategos19
Guess the Color 161: valkyrie17, fireball16, kattobing19

March 13, 2014
Costume Party 186+187: caged15, countering15, jojo18, absolute02, compassion18, magoi05, flash12, intelligence03
Art Lessons with Rukia 171: hungrywolf04, compass08
Host Club Giveaway 82: shine16, needles04, illegitimate05

March 12, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 99+100: slacker10, trains01, kingo01, epsilon18, fishcakes14, graywolf05, paimon16, kodama17, centurio07, cutegirls13, meatbun08, curebeat09, blackcat16, manager07, orange crayon, blue crayon, brown crayon
Trade: revolution01 and yaoi01 for closest20 and xrosheart14, [personal profile] minteaprince

March 11, 2014
Delete Shiritori: submitted grappler09; received repel16, security20, yoyoi10, enchantress20
Guess the Color 160: revival08, lovequeen05, hamelin09, chocobo04
Submitted to Fathers scrapbook: keyhole19, firstroom02, unchanging18
Donated Slimes deck: worldchain17, reason19, health-care11, airhead06, serena09, blue crayon
Art Studio: submitted maestro14, maestro18, magedom08, magicaltoy19, magiccancel05, maid-chan06, maihime02, major09, mako03, mameshiba10, mameshiba16, mariposa16, silhouettes06, sports09, and tanabata06; received rayofhope16, rayofhope17, rayofhope18, rayofhope19, and usagimimi20
Spare Parts 149: kouhai12, b-rabbit04, chibipuri10, naive16
Trade: toran11 for hazard18, [personal profile] toran
Trade: lighter13, locket16, cleaning05, and cleaning07 for cyber16, savior05, spunquel08, and slimes01, [personal profile] beccastareyes

March 10, 2014
Recycled Art: catalyst16, demonking02, hikari02, hikari14, honoo13, kind03
Trade: eggs16 and observant18 for lowborn04 and closest06, [personal profile] prisma

March 9, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 22: romaantiqua03, psychotic14
Beauty Pageant 78: balbadd08, resemblance13, basketballs06, supernova17, stealth09, children01, blue crayon
March Release: fathers02, slimes14, meganest15, mothers03, raw10, smokescreen17, poisonsting17, countering05, create15, goodnight02, viina04, bum19, setz19, diminished08
Trade: create15 for eris13, [personal profile] harukami
Trade: goodnight02 and viina04 for lowborn20 and monotonous11, [personal profile] headset
Trade: bum19 and setz19 for proxy09 and runa02, [personal profile] utsuwa
Trade: diminished08 for proxy02, [personal profile] acperience
Trade: collector14, faith15, gamer05, haughty10, meimei04, suidream06, swordswoman01, volleyball04, and volleyball20 for babbit12, crybaby03, digimon18, divination03, divination11, offense08, shadow20, bon10, and security04, [personal profile] kues

March 8, 2014
Quilting 59: osananajimi12, bullfighter07, performer05
Quilting 60: sign12, gryph14, volleyball20, heartbreak20, orange crayon
Level Up to Ruby: nonchalant01, family18, biancaneve06, hawkeye06, rayofhope20, blue crayon
Peach's Birthday Present 19: antisocial11, profit16, fryingpan08, salvation08
Pick a Color 87: kamisarizuki20, mushi08, deny05, sign12, starmiya05, 20faces20, engokuki05, hanjyuu01

March 7, 2014
Remodeling Station: submitted pursuing16, question06; received shujaa18, quack06, sinnoh16, fierce03, janam18
Rolling Down the UMN 10: perutan12, indian10, mysticeyes08, tank13, umeboshi10, steiner15, longdau02, veil20, dynamo15, reactions01, christmas18
Guess the Color 159: minicon16, supports05, claw01
Costume Party 185: shakushi19, odessa05, minchi06, marble04
Reading Between the Lines 98: hamha17, sabbat15, soloship03, saturn02, moon20, horseback06, tigerdrive03, fisherman15, salt10, ultima14, green crayon
Art Lessons with Rukia 170: charge16, loveme17
Gift: ebracrypt12 from [personal profile] triacedia
Player Report 23: april14, takoyaki15, shadows20, tomorrow04
Peach's Birthday Present 18: heightened11, greenvale01, twelfth05, volleyball04
Delete Shiritori: submitted underwear11, received five02, hell01, yaoi01, roleplay11
Spare Parts 148: snowwhite10, eyepatch03, kwando07, indifferent14
Pokeradar 177: camerawoman07, charge20, seahorse04, ikaruga16
Art Shop: 6 blue crayons and 5 purple crayons for rayofhope03, rayofhope04, rayofhope07, rayofhope09, rayofhope12, rayofhope13, hanafuda11, hanafuda14, hanafuda17, hanafuda18, hanafuda19

March 3, 2014
Graffiti 69: shogun10, revival08, aqua20, tactless01, hatshepsut15
A Challenger Appears 11: gamer05, bandana01, scold03, shattered11, purple crayon, green crayon

March 2, 2014
Kiss the Cook 10: rising10, speech20
Crosswords 75: green02, greenvale19, hamha01, watermelon14, red13, circus14, tanabata06
Art Studio: exchanged bold06, connect12, docodemo06, gear10, mage10, moonchild11, patissier05, patissier12, patriot09, seja10, seja17, seja19, arcana19, blue10, caduceus14, centurio03, changshan12, chibipuri01, christmas01, christmas15, chronicle13, deities10, dogtags03, and fairytales08 for hanafuda06, secrecy11, secrecy15, secrecy17, usagimimi02, usagimimi04, usagimimi08, and usagimimi13
Recycled Art: 10join08, 10join11, 10join18, pillowtalk02, prodigy14, savior15
Trade: beli13 and supergirl13 for 8-bit13 and zephyr18, [personal profile] buttmage

February 28, 2014
Valentines Gift: secrecy10 from [personal profile] ryner

February 27, 2014
Art Lessons with Rukia 169: massage12, ability17
Host Club Giveaway 81: suidream06, thepierrot01, admin11, peony09, mercurius08, surpass05
Player Report 22: deck01, tattooed18, council05, faith15
Valentines Gift: secrecy19 from [personal profile] aaveplsgo
Gift: mop19 from [personal profile] poland

February 26, 2014
Valentines Gift: ebracrypt04 from [personal profile] scaleless
Valentines Gift: secrecy06 from [personal profile] karayan

February 25, 2014
Trade: absolute19, lackey05, and outdated17 for 3moles17, hikari13, and kingkazma06, [personal profile] hanakoanime
Help Miss Kamila 21: catsndogs08, tonfar20
Colors Chat 8: foreigner09, traveler09, octava14, cyborgidol16, cries13, moonchild11, mutt14, red crayon
Trade: traveler09 for defense10, [personal profile] acperience
Completed Mega Box: arlia02, beautiful14, scorch13, daathic16, chief20, hikari05, toran11, redchild20, seja10, nanatsusaya05, redtiger18, shingetsu12, volleyball19, mage10, silly07, 12thpillar09, summoner06, 142cm14, shadowless13, gentle13, entertainer01, primera05, soft15, effeminate08, planners03, chasing15, schism06, antique04, burn03, rollout04, irritated15, trumpet02, rep03, ugly14, voi04, sympathetic10, athena03, apos16, green crayon

February 24, 2014
Valentines Gift: rayofhope15 from [personal profile] dieneces
Trade: loveletter08, psychopath08, and salt07 for demonking16, giver19, and lettuce02, [personal profile] minteaprince
Seiyuu Guess 159: ordinary20, thetower16, patissier05
Seiyuu Guess 158: sweat16, hotblooded02, lascivious13
Beauty Pageant 77: crowanima09, canada04, illegitimate12, biker06, isako06, ronin14
Spare Parts 147: autozam07, bold06, littlepuppy16, workaholic12
Pokeradar 176: extreme20, androphobic18
Guess the Color 158: destruction20, dealer06, fontech10
Trade: crowanima09 for babbit05, [personal profile] acperience

February 23, 2014
Recycled Art: analyze07, friendship10, heights13, kind07, lowborn10, protective04
Trade: blueeyes04 and hades15 for gastark11 and gastark20, [personal profile] tempestuously

February 22, 2014
Conan's Clues 183: aeon07, giver03, billionaire16
Pick a Color 86: cherryboy15, flask03, okama12, haven09, wealthy10, uranus07, seiken06
Level Up to Dragon Fruit: earnest03, secondroom12, bravo17, secrecy20, blue crayon
Trade: cheri01 for manikatti07, [personal profile] moon_wolf

February 20, 2014
Costume Party 184: drei11, admiration12, eleven14, heart20
Art Lessons with Rukia 168: resemblance19, fairytales08
Valentines Gift: secrecy13 from [personal profile] minteaprince
Trade: gryph13 for normal15, [personal profile] mori

February 19, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 97: legilis16, tomboyish02, peony03, fabulous16, network05
Rolling Down the UMN 9: classy18, parties02, healing13, adore04, corporal02, speaking08, forbidden12
Mastered Falchion: sigmund08, stitches07, haicopy12, purple crayon
Mastered Aniki: costumes10, maxter15, haicopy18, red crayon
Mastered You Copy: lightblue05, blame05, haicopy20, purple crayon
Mastered Hai Copy: herbalist06, ribbonchan14, secrecy16, red crayon
Delete Shiritori: submitted honorific15, received poor13, kendama10, devious05, hakubaiko07
Kiss the Cook 9: amati04, pureheart04
Remodeling Station: submitted blackkeys11 and blackmist03, received logout02, blacklion15, docodemo06, horseback09, promotion09

February 18, 2014
Gift: tamarin10 from [personal profile] kuranosuke
Recycled Art: eris05, eris08, falchion03, galileo20, prince10, twilight01
Valentines Gift: eris20 from [personal profile] worthwhile

February 17, 2014
Graffiti 68: rely14, yoyoi18, cleaning07, adeptrogue04, stupid15
Valentines Gift: eris01 from [personal profile] prisma
Completed Big Box: s-hall10, monk04, salt07, obnoxious10, demonking01, guarddog05, hide18, disappear09, dinosaur18, remaining13, flower08, warfare06, demonic09, gear10, cuteness02, blue crayon
Spare Parts 146: valentines07, trance16, meyvn01, ptrd-4114, ichii-bal17, tengu02
Guess the Color 157: daughter19, survey04, hawk05, wrath18
Pokeradar 175: swan16, scorch18, honoo05
Gift: wolfbeil09 from [personal profile] rubatosis

February 16, 2014
Valentines: purchased Small Box for carmine07, hanafuda05, knowledge05, roland02, seaeagle13
Valentines: purchased Big Box for tamarin05, darkness07, dauntless14, dead07, debonair18, deceive19, deck05, dee17, defend04, demifiend07
Valentines: purchased Mega Box for hostess14, howling10, hummingbird04, hunter10, hyper14, hysteria13, iaigeri10, icecream12, iceland20, idiocy11, money18, monkey12, monocle03, monster15, monta10, monta13, mortician11, mortician17, mother15, mouse01, savate15, save11, scorching05, scorching12, scythe17
Completed Small Box: chiefmaid08, obsession16, scar03, guidance08, silhouettes06, villagers19, connect12, rash10, orange crayon
A Challenger Appears 10: adventure10, trickster14, internet05, first10, baudelaire08, goats09
Gift: eris10 from [personal profile] preternatural

February 15, 2014
Player Report 20: paranormal03, utsuwa13, inferiority16, cryogenic03
Trade: mop14 for flapping19, [personal profile] trinam
Help Miss Kamila 19: hornet12, vocalist16
Neku's Music Station 174: sports09, world04, chibipuri01, janam15
Valentines Gift: secrecy18 from [personal profile] trinam
Valentines Gift: secrecy03 from [personal profile] apprivoiser
Valentines Gift: rayofhope08 from [personal profile] acperience
Sketchpad Turn-In x2: ghost01, planeptune17, koyaku20, danceflame19, orange crayon, blue crayon
Art Shop: orange crayon x8, blue crayon x6, brown crayon x2, and gray crayon x1 for aniki02, aniki03, aniki05, aniki07, aniki09, aniki10, aniki16, aniki18, falchion07, falchion09, falchion13, falchion14, falchion16, falchion18, youcopy09, youcopy20, and haicopy06

February 13, 2014
Costume Party 183: fear09, craftsman11, posh19, 89th04
Delete Shiritori 20: submitted olive15, received shine04, avenger05, cureblack20
Reading Between the Lines 96: devilbats20, one18, finland20, tamarin05, orojya05, strom02, starmiya02, supergirl13, trusty03, manipulative11, orange crayon
Host Club Giveaway 80: killerbee03, basketball02, reality20
Seiyuu Guess 157: kanebo18, polite16, uppercut17

February 11, 2014
Shadow Watching 154: florence06, swordswoman01, loveletter08, sia17
Trade: bloodyrose19 and disintegrate14 for goggles03 and magicalfire20, [personal profile] kuranosuke

February 10, 2014
Trade: burmecia18 and destruction03 for cyber09 and hikari15, [personal profile] miyoungie
Trade: sigmund02 for minervykins12, [personal profile] adurotum
Recycled Art: another14, hanafuda05, honoo11, maniac20, sing14, brown12
Trade: squad17 for ladykiller20, [personal profile] miyoungie
Spare Parts 145: marriage13, peshent05, prototype10, megaten11
Pokeradar 174: flute03, madness18, insomnia01
Donated Ladykiller: shimna19, ocean16, kaze04, blue crayon
Donated Assist: meijin02, epyon06, souls07, purple crayon
Donated Runa: strategy08, chocolate02, blogger13, purple crayon
Guess the Color 156: kingkazma14, un-sorcerer02, a-hall12

February 9, 2014
Trade: samezuka14 and spicy01 for davinci07 and bon12, [personal profile] minteaprince
Trade: blocker03, darkboots06, darkboots07, darkboots18, desserts02, feather15, gymnast05, heiress11, jump07, kaijou19, names16, paimon12, ponta07, ripple02, strike05, toss08, and toss03 for ally09, antoinette14, bassist12, compassion01, digimon03, dynamo07, ebracrypt06, ebracrypt13, fate19, galileo10, giver06, hanafuda05, newton12, rayofhope11, twilight18, xrosheart15, and zephyr17, [personal profile] rubatosis
C-C-Combo Breaker chain of 4: generation11, redtiger07, lackey05, japan06, lemu08, alexandria06, clone12, acewitches12, korobokkuru02, yomihime08, virgin16, broke16, host05, vermouth19, knives01, dead07
Trade: aqua16, border15, cares06, daifuku19, marine20, and moonlight01 for devilchild15, honoo17, rayofhope06, two11, youcopy18, and youmu19, [personal profile] worthwhile
Trade: grumbly16, heartereki09, and paruru19 for hanafuda13, kita17, and youmu17, [personal profile] preternatural

February 8, 2014
Mastered Strategies: bon17, freeze16, secrecy05, green crayon
February Release: ylisse03, devilchiod02, ladykiller07, assist11, runa06, appraiser11, monotonous20, disobedient02, specialduty07, pandemonium04, burdened03, squad17
Trade: specialduty07 and three green crayons for four brown crayons, [personal profile] radria
Trade: pandemonium04 for blue crayon, [personal profile] kues
Trade: burdened03 for rayofhope05, [personal profile] minteaprince
Trade: iyashikei01 and voiceless17 for ailecrono01 and falchion20, [personal profile] apprivoiser
Pick a Color 85: honorific15, darkboots18, danes09, chronicle13, roland02, agent01, fanclub13, lines04

February 6, 2014
Sketchpad Turn In x3: robots08, translator15, ponta07, ethics10, light05, balance10, green crayon, gray crayon, orange crayon
Art Shop: gray crayon x5 for strategies02, strategies04, strategies11, strategies12, strategies15
Player Report 19: volunteer11, blaze14, dragon12, gryph10
Crosswords 74: slave05, harmonica02, blondie08, chessboard07, popular06, chomechome01

February 5, 2014
Trade: forest11, rebellious10, sushi16, uryu17, and quality19 for manikatti17, zanza20, athletic07, athletic13, and brag20, [personal profile] aaveplsgo
Rolling Down the UMN 8: moonblast07, demonstone05, kenjutsu08, fragile10, stoic04
Costume Party 181+182: brickbreak06, bold06, genbu17, gemini10, youkai02, haughty10, mouse01, anterograde06
Reading Between the Lines 94+95: cynical01, erokappa11, outsider13, gemstone01, javelin17, pet18, experiments07, garugari06, tuning20, zauber12, saiyaman20, india03, copy08, carmine07, brown crayon, gray crayon

February 3, 2014
Level Up to Apricot: charge16, meramera15, actress09, strategies14, purple crayon
Delete Shiritori 19: submitted domineering09, received jokes14, corn13, fistoflove17
Graffiti 67: pitcher20, friends16, names16, sogeking20, ripple02
Help Miss Kamila 18: curator19, capricorn02
Kiss the Cook 7: timeslip04, kenbu10
Kiss the Cook 8: demonic01, electrifying03
Trade: apologize10, chibipuri12, coach04, leap18, ore-sama07, regret03, warlord09, and wired09 for ragnell01, digimon01, fate17, galileo07, kaze07, normal14, pheromone11, and tamarin07, [personal profile] oriaon

February 2, 2014
A Challenger Appears 9: mortician11, blazers08, knowledge05, rank13, explosive11, colonel15
Recycled Art: aniki14, galileo03, galileo14, honoo15, thehero05, thehero13
Seiyuu Guess 156: pikori16, cake13, spicy01
Spare Parts 144: forest01, perceptive07, choromi02, pitviper03
Remodeling: submitted edison09 and headband09, received pursuing16, funloving12, paladin09, survey09, rollout09

February 1, 2014
Recycled Art: youcopy01, youcopy05, youcopy14, youcopy16, usagimimi06, usagimimi16

January 31, 2014
Colors Chat 6: bikes09, sigmund02, genma06, rich11, gymnast05
Player Report 18: cats06, kindness06, doghouse15, maru19
Peach's Birthday Present 15: atonement14, monado09, spot06, cascade08
Conan's Clues 180: tomorrow20, burmecia18, tatyana04

January 30, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 17: mop14, dinosaur06
Host Club Giveaway 79: darkking04, family02, ridiculous08

January 29, 2014
Trade: dollie12, gamer01, heal20, literary11, and octava11 for antoinette10, athletic02, babbit16, einstein10, and einstein15, [personal profile] lanvaldear

January 28, 2014
Guess the Color 154: blaze09, sorceress01, paint12, rebirth05
Costume Party 180: amber20, a-hall10, support04, scorching12
Reading Between the Lines 93: nosebleed01, cgi19, garouga14, heartereki09
Trade: blackwhite07, contract09, information06, sabbat04, and mamushi04 for ailecrono05, edison08, manners08, another12, and unitone14, [personal profile] oktarose

January 27, 2014
Quilting 58: forte08, enigmatic14, berserker02
Delete Shiritori 18: submitted manipulate07, received mop13, kenpo20, colony17
Seiyuu Guess 154: shamisen04, formula03, bluerose18
Seiyuu Guess 155: support12, instructor05, blunt18

January 26, 2014
Crosswords 73: solo01, firstaid09, littlekitty12, buchou04, invisible07, olive15
Trade: redking17 and hobbyist15 for irontail06 and ladybug13, [personal profile] minteaprince
Pick a Color 84: troy09, freedom14, childish06, kosmos13
Battle of the Bands 6: heiress11, guilt12, ecure20, belarus16
Rolling Down the UMN 1: obnoxious08, cleaning05, chozo08, drifter03, master19, teller05, monta10, defend04, grumbly16, punisher07, blue crayon, gray crayon
Delete Shiritori 17: submitted tenchou05, received outdated17, strength03, experience19
Spare Parts 143: odessa10, christmas07, edison09, fire02

January 23, 2014
Art Lessons with Rukia 164: reactions14, maskedg18
Trade: babyfox04 for zanza18, [personal profile] acperience
Conan's Clues 179: shadowless17, book01, hobbyist15

January 21, 2014
Trade: coo06, idol01, obliged02, and wine16 for elemio11, androgynous08, brag02, and davinci14, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: 92fs11, astronomy05, brain19, cannon01, clowndrop07, nyan04, princess14, scythe17, tao07, and whirlwind13 for lownborn19, savior14, vector11, wolfbeil13, athletic08, honoo19, samekh04, thehero01, youcopy07, and france13, [personal profile] kues
Remodeling Station 08: submitted stardust03 and strongest18, received dee17, strong07, slave01, snowboard15, bandana01
Delete Shiritori 16: submitted lancecorp17, received chartreux05, liladan07, soyokaze02
Costume Party 179: integrity01, reanimated17, gadgets09, crusher02
Spare Parts 142: lines01, seja17, ribbons20, swordfish04
Help Miss Kamila 16: liladan08, tenchou05
Graffiti 66: demon06, sweettooth08, mechanical16, detonator19, unselfish17
Peach's Birthday Present 13: punisher11, totori01, ultima08, judgment16, guild10, seaeagle13, aqua16, flame12, gakuen02, ability14
Peach's Birthday Present 14: collector14, bloodyrose19, succubus04, babyfox04, oriental09
Guess the Color 153: syringe11, abuse05, maid-chan06
Rolling Down the UMN 7: mateba15, horizon20, darkboots07, snake05, calm05, icecream12

January 18, 2014
Trade: hydrangea12 and tigerstriped07 for digimon02 and pherae17, [personal profile] secretambition

January 17, 2014
Art Studio: durandal06, fog05, pherae10, truegrace08, adolescent13, doberman06, excellent18, ares14, lily13, toys09, foxhound15, and cynical05 for roland02, roland04, roland06, and roland10
Mastered Formulas: eternal09, hitman02, roland13, brown crayon
Mastered Roland: love19, tigerstriped07, strategies08, blue crayon
Host Club Giveaway 78: wolfbeil20, golem19, onii-chan08
Seiyuu Guess 153: letter12, frown09, cola15
A Challenger Appears 8: messenger02, observant18, pegasus06, leap18, workaholic03, nfu16, gray crayon
Player Report 16: roland12, apos05, wine16, bodyguard17
Trade: messenger02 and roland12 for cyber15 and manikatti20, [personal profile] acperience

January 15, 2014
Beauty Pageant 74: obscenity18, lively11, davinci16, ploys14, merman20, permafrost14, blue crayon
Guess the Color 152: warlord09, hunter10, darkboots06, masochism18, idol01
Recycled Art: aniki08, durandal15, thunder15, brushgods12, usagimimi12, usagimimi14
Reading Between the Lines 92: wildchild05, hyper14, panic08, refreshing13, odinsword17, candy13, prithivi11, blackmist03, toss08, cosmoses03, gray crayon
Trade: selfless14 for crybaby14, [personal profile] empanadas

January 14, 2014
Recycled Art: haicopy05, haicopy07, haicopy14, brushgods04, brushgods09, twintails08
Level Up to Grape: mateba19, popular05, kill19, roland08, gray crayon
Trade: handmaid19, hime01, puns15, revenge09, tagged17, and wizard01 for ally20, digimon13, einstein11, inspector01, kita07, and security03, [personal profile] adurotum

January 13, 2014
Spare Parts 141: maddog14, haggler18, gekko09, horatio16

January 12, 2014
Trade: dna01, hibakari04, and ironheart12 for aniki12, athletic03, and babbit13, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Sketchpad Turn In: astronaut03, heretic17, yellow crayon
Art Shop: traded in 3 brown crayons, 2 purple crayons, and 2 gray crayons for formulas05, formulas10, formulas20, roland14, roland15, strategies05, strategies06

January 11, 2014
Remodeling Station: submitted daitsuren20 and blackdog14; received toss03, burst03, holybell17, bondage16, red crayon
Help Miss Kamila 15: triad01, homophobe16
Pick a Color 83: demifiend07, odessa04, advisor10, kamisarizuki02, small20
Delete Shiritori: submitted mainstream14; received curewhite07, samezuka14, flask02, letter16, romeo18

January 10, 2014
Trade: missions10, truebeauty05, and ponytail20 for clever18, koyaku04, and perceive18, [personal profile] estamir

January 9, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 91: businessman08, bravo08, demonstone14, apples12
Costume Party 178: durandal06, nervous07, selfless14, souleater20
Player Report 15: tanuki02, nataku12, secrecy02, missions10

January 8, 2014
Art Lessons with Rukia 162: papa03, hime01
January Release: shepherds03, exalt10, brandless20, youmu06, meganest08, unpleasant04, onii-chan07, teasing18, divination02, jewelknight02, moonblast02, redeyes06
Trade: jewelknight02 for meganest14, [personal profile] psithurism

January 7, 2014
Graffiti 65: theatrical07, siscon02, rabi17, ore-sama07, ruin12, orange crayon
Peach's Birthday Present 11: upbringing18, vermouth18, information06, whiteknight01, raccoon01
Neku's Music Station 170: starhealer13, reliable08, medicines12, truegrace08
Quilting 57: nyanyaya01, honorific11, paruru19, babied02
Seiyuu Guess 151: apologize10, mission18, corpses14, speech05
A Challenger Appears 7: marching16, owner19, diamonds14, venoshock14, skyking08, yang02
Advent Calendar 13 (cont): lightside15
Advent Calendar 24: red crayon, gray crayon
Advent Calendar 25 (cont): rebellious10, converted17, odinsword04
Host Club Giveaway 77: tartarus19, friendly02, 72pillars06
Advent Calendar 12: firebrand18, seele17, ponytail20
Costume Party 177: gemini18, patriot09, luckystars10, maxter07
Advent Calendar 16 (cont): redeyed11, mako09
Advent Calendar 2: disintegrate14, song09, blackkeys11, undead09
Advent Calendar 4: tao07, scythe14, fenia20, aura17
Reading Between the Lines 90: ccarayhua04, blackwhite07, tagged17, cheri01, muscles18, assertive07, seiyuu19, 92fs11, savate15, train09, purple crayon
Recycled Art: babbit03, babbit06, babbit08, babbit09, babbit14, thunder08
Recycled Art: edison18, pendulum17, protective01, rayofhope10, strawberry07, strawberry20
Guess the Color 150: mourning20, newgen18, shoujo15
Peach's Birthday Present 10: cupcake18, pompadour12, pipe08, revolution01, suave08
Spare Parts 139: innkeeper17, darkness07, captain08, forest11
Help Miss Kamila 13: changeform17, nightmare16, fairytales01
Seiyuu Guess 150: redking17, finland12, nyan04
Pick a Color 82: paimon12, catpaw16, pipito13, lumberjack01, patissier12, muscles19
Conan's Clues 175: cuarta11, snapshot01, revenge09
Crosswords 71: kakaka18, phazon07, big13, composed02, gatsuga08, dauntless14, antoinette01, exorcist15
Ansem's Player Report 13: refined01, single05, mockingbird12, uryu17
Level Up to Blueberry: dandelion18, winglet04, griefseed13, roland05, yellow crayon
Delete Shiritori 13: submitted exceed02, received kijin13, manners05, idiocy11, duty05, lyre16
Trade: dimwitted06 and tagged01 for digimon11 and edison07, [personal profile] stag
Trade: mourning20 for xrosheart09, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: beast17, meimei08, record08, shrine03, yebisu17, and sociopath08 for prodigy08, savior08, savior16, abandon05, barrels01, and normal01, [personal profile] empanadas
Trade: cobra01, hibakari05, interested09, party14, sew20, sketchbook06, sketchbook08, sorry17 and volunteer10 for contests17, despair01, despair02, duck02, kitsune03, kitsune18, magicalfire06, reptile03 and xrosheart13, [personal profile] triacedia
Trade: chawanmushi12 for pheromone12, [personal profile] points
Trade: cadet10, camazotz17, indra10, and winglet04 for edison15, heights19, mop14, and mop15, [personal profile] shinsengumi
Rolling Down the UMN 6: part-timer05, antisocial12, anti-hero18, magedom08, breaker14, anti17, purify20

December 26, 2013
Trade: beguile01 for eris19, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Advent Calendar 25: usagimimi07
Reading Between the Lines 89: doberman06, shippudash08, love09, guns03, creampuff08
Costume Party 176: drinking13, brain19, eggs16, alien09
Advent Calendar 21 (cont): locket16, darkflame11
Guess the Color 149: math14, ouroboros11, barrels20

December 24, 2013
Graffiti 64: foxmagic02, grappler09, pherae10, nova05, northstar19
Advent Calendar 18 (cont): christmas15
Rolling Down the UMN 5: meramera17, contract09, lovegun14, obliged02, madness14, kagutsuchi19

December 23, 2013
Advent Calendar 23: moonchild19
Advent Calendar 19: red crayon
Trade: concealing01 for partner04, [personal profile] apprivoiser

December 22, 2013
Advent Calendar 20: roland19, devilchild20
Help Miss Kamila 12: r-traps15, fog05
Kiss the Cook 5: rebellious01, hades15
Seiyuu Guess 149: izayoi13, handmaid19, violence18
Spare Parts 138: arcana19, diariumejus10, broomstick18, children07
Remodeling Station: submitted hyper02 and orbs09; received hibakari05, lancecorp17, greenvale04, beguile01, ares14
Advent Calendar 22: lowborn17, roland20

December 21, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 148: camazotz17, trueblood04, orphan03
Costume Party 175: survivor09, photographs20, survivor04, spunquel03
Sketchpad Turn In x2: lovers03, mercenary11, tea18, fierce17, green crayon, yellow crayon
Advent Calendar 21: elemio15

December 20, 2013
Trade: tekigousha03 for moonchild01, [personal profile] acperience

December 19, 2013
Advent Calendar 3: fear11, hummingbird04, chibipuri12
Peach's Birthday Present 9: madamered08, anti-skill01, romance10, touchthis03, scientists08
Host Club Giveaway 76: hibakari04, jump07, tekigousha03
Advent Calendar 18: usagimimi15
Trade: forazsaiqa15 for sympathy12, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: ace05 for algorithm13, [personal profile] kuranosuke

December 17, 2013
Guess the Color 148: underwear11, calming19, valvrave15
Delete Shiritori 11: submitted otoko12, received transform11, liberation02, assault17, lollipops17, guts05
Spare Parts 137: pentagram05, hopeless16, centurio03, gloomy11
Delete Shiritori 12: submitted harvard02, received shishi-oh16, brag06, pal02, ironheart12, babbit04
Reading Between the Lines 88: reporter20, necromancer06, hachiko08, sadistic05, theater13, lily13, cyborgidol08, brother04, wired09, beast17, orange crayon
Advent Calendar 17: roland01, moonchild18
Trade: liberation02 and unlucky18 for brush09 and moonchild11, [personal profile] fall

December 16, 2013
Advent Calendar 15: formulas15
Advent Calendar 16: formulas19
Recycled Art: analyze08, analyze11, mop16, mop17, offense05
Trade: artemis02, impatient16, fairy20 and marshmallow02 for clever19, digimon15, barrels06 and antoinette16, [personal profile] oktarose

December 15, 2013
Neku's Music Station 168: interested09, mameshiba16, blocker03, doghouse01
Advent Calendar 14: prophecy09, puns15, green crayon
Pokeradar 171: forazsaiqa15, tails11, diamonddust07
Pokeradar 170: theend17, ace05, cradle12
Trade: bail05, bar07, fogtroupe04, gigolo11, kora11, massacre10, redking09, and redking16 for haicopy01, pherae12, savior02, secrecy01, shadow08, strategies09, thehero07, and vector04, [personal profile] adurotum
Trade: adeptrogue10, cleric12, and icolo20 for durandal13, durandal16, and elemio17, [personal profile] chinchilla
Trade: barcode11 for demonking07, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Help Miss Kamila 11: nanoda16, record08
Trade: rayearth09 and twintails02 for tamarin17 and xrosheart18, [personal profile] secretambition

December 14, 2013
Advent Calendar 13: strategies13

December 13, 2013
Sketchpad Turn In: girly17, pikori18, blue crayon
Art Shop: 4 yellow crayons and 3 green crayons for messenger02, messenger07, messenger08, messenger09, morganatic05, morganatic15, morganatic16
Mastered Morganatic: soujutsu11, formulas04, messenger15, orange crayon
Mastered Messenger: sen11, barcode11, formulas07, brown crayon
Crosswords 70: archery19, salamander11, atomic10, concealing01, snowwhite13, earthquake11

December 12, 2013
Trade: countess18 for cyber17, [personal profile] swagu
Advent Calendar 12: moonchild15
Player Report 11: pet05, anima02, sailorfuku02, perfect10
Trade: haru01 and salute17 for parallel18 and savior17, [personal profile] despedia

December 11, 2013
Advent Calendar 10: countess18, bar07, zafkiel04
Costume Party 174: bail05, blackcat19, sonicboom03, twig08
Rolling Down the UMN 4: sushi16, samekh13, akuma17, icolo20, amita11, driver18, mulberry19
Quilting 56: ko16, funloving19, feather15
Advent Calendar 11: morganatic01, devilchild01

December 10, 2013
Colors Chat 4: cynical05, guertena18, massacre10, aug2303, swimming12
Advent Calendar 8: rebel09, iwa-chan04, green crayon
Advent Calendar 5 (cont): voiceless17
Graffiti 63: party14, lighter13, oath04, fangs13, sorcerer15
Reading Between the Lines 87: t-shirt17, grand04, duck14, ally13
Guess the Color 147: beauty13, dimwitted06, spatial15

December 9, 2013
Advent Calendar 9: roland18, formulas18
December Release: proxy20, ebracrypt02, clever07, closest10, furpelt14, poisonivy04, magicalfire18, vaniville03, catmask03, unitone08, timegear01, messenger13
Gave hades01 to [personal profile] tempestuously

December 8, 2013
Help Miss Kamila 10: cigarettes20, gamer01
Delete Shiritori 10: submitted yoshiro17 and zeref11, received gentle16, shogun13, combat06, 026710, fogtroupe04, aimstalker16, skydragon03, eins13
Spare Parts 136: money18, austria17, monado01, charisma15
Gift from [personal profile] acperience: manipulative13
Trade: sonati11 for maniac06, [personal profile] preternatural

December 7, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 147: persocom07, taser11, steak06
Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 146: karaoke16, vines17, highjump19, yukipon07
Remodeling Station 5: submitted noa04 and wildlife08; received hades01, octava11, girlsclub04, succubus15, halloween08
Trade: gloucester13, hotheaded14, and model03 for falling16, ruler02, and morganatic17, [personal profile] scaleless
Level Up to Lime: 192cm01, twirl04, sorry17, messenger10, purple crayon
Pick a Color 81: eldest20, sekit15, virgin02
Advent Calendar 6 (cont): attache12
Recycled Art: falchion01, falchion02, falchion11, falchion12, falling01, 8-bit06
Advent Calendar 7: gastark14
Trade: worldchain14, basketball04, freestyle03, littledevil08, and adepts14 for amahara15, giver12, giver13, jet06, and sun12, [personal profile] apprivoiser

December 6, 2013
Costume Party 173: ladybug07, brash15, gamble02, blackblood12
Reading Betwen the Lines 86: literary11, janam20, effortless10, algorithm06, barrels17, squirrel18, dense20, gear10, earnest05, marine20, blue crayon
Advent Calendar 6: strategies16
Trade: 75th09 for redeyes12, [personal profile] laurant

December 5, 2013
Host Club Giveaway 75: 75th09, mascot12, truth15
Player Report 10: tagged01, worldchain14, artemis02, haru01
Advent Calendar 5: roland12

December 4, 2013
Guess the Color 146: kiyohime19, harvard02, sonati11
Help Miss Kamila 9: destruction03, kyrie09
Art Lessons with Rukia 157: shrine03, meimei08
Trade: liladan14 for durandal10, [personal profile] oktarose

December 1, 2013
Trade: janina15 for aniki06, [personal profile] swagu
Spare Parts 135: mochi14, unique13, sabbat04, droopy20, turkey01
Advent Calendar 1: formulas12

November 30, 2013
Trade: otouto19 for davinci02, [personal profile] kuranosuke

November 29, 2013
Remodeling Station: submitted taichou03 and chevalier11, received iyashikei01, 2-302, sia05
Seiyuu Guess 146: changshan12, hydrangea12, princess14
Recycled Art: thunder13
Beauty Pageant 72: adeptrogue10, heal20, tarot07, wildlife08, sultry10, strategy12
Conan's Clues 167: blacksmith15, protective17, headband09, liladan14, peach19, cadet10
Trade: curator07 and grandson11 for lowborn05 and secrecy14, [personal profile] inarticulate

November 28, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 85: operator16, soothsayer10, patch14, cleric12
Costume Party 172: peshent11, selece17, chui07, pitcher09
Quilting 55: meimei04, part-time19, brickbreak05
Player Report 9: zephyr09, intuition18, mist11, shadow15
Crosswords 69: children13, manipulative03, volunteer10, games11, grandson11, astraphobia12

November 27, 2013
Spare Parts 134: marshmallow02, gsleague05, destined01, basketball04
Delete Shiritori 9: submitted lightspeed06, received blaze16, twintails02, asset16, sketchbook06
Graffiti 62: greece17, wizard01, sociopath08, evolver15
Guess The Color 145: engokuki04, lovespells08, robin11

November 25, 2013
Peach's Birthday Present 7: kinkan09, chevalier11, impetuous14, lemonade06, mortician17

November 24, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 145: smitten19, truebeauty05, lorikeet11
Trade: oath14 for bye-bye04, [personal profile] oktarose
Trade: awaken05 for formulas06, [personal profile] reneetwist

November 23, 2013
Help Miss Kamila 8: channel12, futari20

November 22, 2013
Trade: cerberus08 and dimwitted03 for rayofhope14 and contests03, [personal profile] estamir

November 21, 2013
Recycled Art: compassion16, normal06, offense03, offense14, offense18
Host Club Giveaway 74: itadakimasu20, p-chan02, piano04
Trade: gymnast13 and tuna14 for speaking13 and sing15, [personal profile] furfrou
Remodeling Station 4: submitted parallel10 and chuu13, received blackdog14, shopping13, monkey12, cakepig11, cerberus08

November 20, 2013
Trade: fork04 and gretel16 for lettuce15 and secrecy12, [personal profile] fall
Trade: order01, observing11 and composer01 for amahara03, honoo02, and france09, [personal profile] apprivoiser
Recycled Art: curebeat02, digimon17, giver07, giver15, koori02, pendulum19
Trade: teacup20 for another11, [personal profile] poland
Pot of Gold 35: clowndrop07, sirix20, daitsuren20, quality19, shounen15, preventer18, dna01, diligent04, jealous10, foul11, dj20, hotheaded14, goggles16, presidente01, mariposa16, german14, melchsee15, offense01, empath13, tattoo02, gunner19, ethics11, carmine07, pke06, docodemo06, pikori04, drops08, taichou03, tsunshun01, salute17, fishing07, mameshiba10, genius05, strawberry18, rollout07, choice15, parallel10, galge04, monta13, sake15, brown crayon, blue crayon, gray crayon
Costume Party 171: close14, air01, runner10, kora11

November 19, 2013
Guess the Color 144: gretel16, truebeauty11, coo06
Sketchpad Turn In: cares06, psychometry03, green crayon
Art Shop: 3 red crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 3 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, and 1 gray crayon for estabul13, estabul14, estabul15, messenger04, messenger14, morganatic12, iinodoue17, roland07, roland11, roland16, formulas11, formulas13, formulas16, formulas17, strategies10
Level Up to Lemon: formula04, sketchbook03, scythe17, estabul17, yellow crayon
Mastered Iino Doue: fork04, civilian17, estabul19, green crayon
Mastered Estabul: otouto19, samuraicat08, messenger01, brown crayon
Completed Palette Portfolio 01: dresses10, garouga03, 001, buddha09, blue crayon, yellow crayon, yellow crayon, orange crayon
Reading Between the Lines 84: nerd03, glory12, gankutsuou01, eighth01, fate11, halloween13, tristan12, halloween16, umibozu16, gigolo11, yellow crayon
Trade: blackbird10 for strategies18, [personal profile] kuranosuke

November 18, 2013
Trade: fullmoon04 for analyze12, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Delete Shiritori 8: submitted alcohol16, received darkking19, teacup19, adepts14, friendship18
Trade: angelic12, decalogue10, miracles05, seductive19, and sweat06 for falling09, redeyes11, sympathy03, sympathy16, usagimimi19, [personal profile] aaveplsgo
Brown Break: traded 1 blue candy and 1 gray candy for 2 raffle tickets (#86 and #87)

November 17, 2013
Spare Parts 133: yanderes19, seductive19, powerpuff08, leanbox14
Trade: fuyu12, hottemper15, proverbs18, and senpuujin18 for usagimimi05, maniac02, lowborn15, and aniki17, [personal profile] despedia
Black&White: traded 2 yellow crayons and 4 green crayons for 8 yellow candies and 16 green candies
Glorious Green: traded 18 red candies, 20 orange candies, 27 yellow candies, 39 green candies, 21 blue candies, 21 purple candies, 15 brown candies, and 19 gray candies for iinodoue06, iinodoue07, iinodoue09, iinodoue12, iinodoue13, iinodoue14, iinodoue16, messenger03, messenger05, messenger11, messenger12, messenger16, messenger17, messenger18, messenger19, messenger20, morganatic02, morganatic03, morganatic04, morganatic06, morganatic07, morganatic08, morganatic09, morganatic10, morganatic11, morganatic13, morganatic14, morganatic18, morganatic19, estabul01, estabul02, estabul05, estabul07, estabul09, estabul12, formulas02, formulas03, formulas08, formulas09, formulas14, strategies03, strategies07, strategies17, strategies19, and strategies20 sob so many
Given secrecy07 by [personal profile] apprivoiser
Trade: yanderes19 for partner16, [personal profile] apprivoiser

November 16, 2013
Trade: lunartear05 and thinking12 for vector13 and bassist19, [personal profile] karayan
Trade: fishanima20 for vector02, [personal profile] acperience
Remodeling Station: submitted sexfavors06 and tercera05; received question06, strongest18, strike05
Help Miss Kamila 7: stern02, domineering09
Sketchpad Turn In x2 (1 from candy): teacup20, magnus02, awaken05, rebelspark04, blue crayon, gray crayon
Art Shop: two gray crayons for shadows12, shadows18
Mastered Shadows: bunnydoll13, sake01, iinodoue19, red crayon

November 15, 2013
Trade: two green crayons for two gray crayons, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Pokeradar 169: lunartear05, aniue07, maestro18
Neku's Music Station 167: monster15, childhood08, oath14, curator07
Beauty Pageant 70: iceland20, akatsubaki13, kyuudou04, needles07, earphones19, freestyle03
Deck Donation (Morganatic): fullmoon04, merman13, samuraicat09, purple crayon
Deck Donation (Messenger): austria10, guilty11, regret03, green crayon
Deck Donation (Devil Child): tuna14, deities10, blackbird10, orange crayon
Pick a Color 80: sweets15, crimson10, akabari18, sexfavors06
Rolling Down the UMN 2: caelin01, indra10, aptx486906, androgynous20, senpuujin18

November 14, 2013
Kanji's Quilting 54: kneel12, raijinshuu02, shades13
Costume Party 170: littlebird20, foxhound15, rapier06, destiny14
Trade: birthplace10 for kita15, [personal profile] netbug009
Trade: littlebird20 for osuwari09, [personal profile] maesterlicious

November 13, 2013
Trade: berrybell01, petulant06, and spacepirate10 for moonchild03, moonchild12, and ishval05, [personal profile] swagu

November 12, 2013
Guess the Color 143: rorona10, devon10, orojya20, absolute19
Help Miss Kamila 6: infatuated04, gloucester13
Delete Shiritori 7: submitted nose18, received wait08, knowledge05, knights12, sweat06
Recycled Art: davinci15, einstein19, twilight12, twilight15, youcopy11, youcopy12
Reading Between the Lines 83: relaxed14, berserker08, tercera05, norway18, toys09

November 11, 2013
November Release: devilchild07, messenger06, morganatic20, ailecrono18, spunquel19, elemio19, koyaku19, reptile09, marching07, flapping03, koyasut05, 8-bit17
Graffiti 61: border15, 3-a17, admire06, octava10, genome08
Trade: maschera19 and tsunderes11 for nature18 and pebble08, [personal profile] citoyenne
Peach's Birthday Present 6: yoshiro17, stardust03, actress13, synesthesia09
Trade: 004, 006, and 013 for galileo13, pheromone04, and zanza05, [personal profile] harukami

November 10, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 143: polarbear07, intention07, iss10
Peach's Birthday Present 5: robots11, impossible16, simulation13, bloodhound09
Spare Parts 132: spacepirate10, 006, yebisu17, nindou20
Seiyuu Guess 144: kidnapped04, atomic15, janina15
Trade: peachpie13 for pheromone17, [personal profile] balan

November 9, 2013
Trade: diamonddust09, dimension07, gangleader14, recall09, and underworld08 for pebble02, bassist16, cascade10, crimson02, and dynamo13, [personal profile] hyoga
Trade: burn18 for caring17, [personal profile] fall
Trade: truegrace02 for hanafuda20, [personal profile] estamir
Trade: mysterious15 for 10join04, [personal profile] oktarose

November 8, 2013
Sketchpad Turn In: burn18, rascal06, yellow crayon
Art Shop: three gray crayons and three blue crayons for shadows02, shadows07, shadows10, iinodoue01, iinodoue03, iinodoue05
A Challenger Appears 3: odyssey02, opera07, flask20, truegrace02
Level Up to Tangerine: notequal12, mother15, nia05, shadows01, red crayon
Remodeling Station 3: turned in virtual07 and esp05, received android05, demonking11, cyclone07, avoid03, fisherman18
Submission for Scrapbook 69 (Ponyo): diamonddust09, domination07, host17, brown crayon
Trade: selfless17 for moonchild20, [personal profile] fall

November 7, 2013
Neku's Music Station 164+165: sketchbook08, tartarus06, hair05, magicaltoy19, volcanic16, steam12, beli13, cobra01
Costume Party 169: blessed20, gymnast13, hottemper15, prison17
Host Club Giveaway 73: selfless17, salute19, healer11
Trade: absence13 for secrecy09, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: volcanic16 for hanafuda12, [personal profile] prisma

November 6, 2013
Delete Shiritori 6: submitted comedy01, received fishanima20, thinking12, angelic12, buttercup17
Reading Between the Lines 82: desserts02, points06, coach12, impatient16, whirlwind13, roleplay02, unlimited18, mysterious15, arcusprima10, primera10, brown crayon
Guess the Color 142: 6608, blue10, bomb02
Trade: kaka03 for davinci05, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: clinic13 for vector15, [personal profile] glossological
Trade: apostle03 for another20, [personal profile] beccastareyes

November 5, 2013
Delete Shiritori 5: submitted sonicboom16, received crimson16, souleater10, guts01
Spare Parts 131: rollout20, phoenix09, aerialace01, prima17

November 4, 2013
Trade: melodrama09, p-chan11, paprika14, roseprince03, roseprince14, saikoku18, scientific10, and starmaker03 for lowborn13, hanafuda01, prince06, heights07, heights08, ikazuchi13, ikazuchi20, and worst03, [personal profile] phibby

November 3, 2013
Recycled Art: 10join12, haicopy13, redeyes03, youcopy02, youcopy10, usagimimi18
Trade: endoscopy05 for hanafuda02, [personal profile] utsuwa
Trade: spot10 for shadows17, [personal profile] oktarose
Pokeradar 168: france20, roland17, sirix04

November 2, 2013
Trade: literature07 and softball05 for ally17 and usagimimi11, [personal profile] poland
Seiyuu Guess 142: glory04, un-sorcerer05, onihime11
Help Miss Kamila 5: sew20, viola15

November 1, 2013
Peach's Birthday Present 4: bullfighter14, birthplace10, machine19, sun19
Trade: after01 for fighter15, [personal profile] kues
Trade: opposite05 for demonking14, [personal profile] kuranosuke

October 31, 2013
Art Studio: clear09, hikari01, riverbank16, vector18, youcopy19, and stupid12 for deathgod11 and deathgod14
Mastered Death God: seconds20, comedy01, shadows05, yellow crayon
Trade: cute19 and memories11 for durandal12 and nekopunch08, [personal profile] oktarose
Trade: empathy04 for thehero14, [personal profile] harukami
Trade: beretta13 for savior19, [personal profile] kues

October 30, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 81: miracles05, nose18, animals05, spot10
Guess The Color 141: littledevil08, empathy04, aquaria02, ipc03, opposite05
Costume Party 168: saikoku18, mild01, lilac07, solo19

October 29, 2013
Trade: icolo04 for brush16, [personal profile] harukami

October 28, 2013
Pokeradar 167: driver06, recall09, maschera19
Graffiti 60: endoscopy05, chawanmushi12, blades13, chaos05, xrosheart02

October 27, 2013
Gave kiyoubinbou08 to [personal profile] zhopa
Gave hre05 to [personal profile] lihanortti
Gave umbra08 to [personal profile] witcher
Sketchpad Turn In x3 (2 from candy): gene01, ponytail11, boxingring06, wushu03, chozo03, nyan08, blue crayon, green crayon, yellow crayon
Art Shop: traded three red crayons for deathgod16, deathgod18, deathgod19
Delete Shiritori 4: submitted ufo04, received clinic13, redking16, brushgods13
Spare Parts 130: defense12, isako13, minervykins19, icolo04, vigilante12, mamushi04, red crayon
Trade: water02 for friendship12, [personal profile] apprivoiser

October 26, 2013
Recycled Art: aniki15, edison14, edison19, einstein20, england15
Help Miss Kamila 4: softball05, bills20

October 25, 2013
Player Report 4: soothsayer17, soba02, ukraine02, uppercut13
Halloween Costume Party: tsunderes11, grand07
Trade: novoselic10, ordinary12, and player18 for caring07, xrosheart12, and security14, [personal profile] kues
Trade: asteria05 and elrond15 for prince16 and ruler07, [personal profile] balan
Neku's Music Station 163: library15, moumentai05, jojo17, umbra08
Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 140: stapler14, japan01, shadaloo07, composer01, pokute03, redking09
Trade: un-sorcerer05 for stapler12, [personal profile] acperience
Trade: ponta19 for pacifist07, [personal profile] ixionesis

October 24, 2013
Trade: swordlike19 and necessarius12 for secrecy04 and kitsune16, [personal profile] octillerys
Peach's Birthday Present #3: mainstream14, chuu13, roseprince14, warfare10
Gave yanderes03 to [personal profile] apprivoiser
Remodeling Station #2: submitted polarbear19 and poor17, received player18, ponta19, vector18, hairloss09, truegrace08
Trade: poison02, shiningone06, and hairloss02 for another13, prima06, and redeyes14, [personal profile] awestriker

October 23, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 140: hikari01, satisfaction19, kiyoubinbou08, beard17, dimwitted03, line01, whispered07, shouryuuken18, faintattack14, fog05, grey crayon
Seiyuu Guess 141: submissive12, guilt08, novoselic10
Costume Party 167: outsider05, ukraine01, moonlight01, clear09
Trade: candy07, daathic19, death19, and virage19 for abandon19, amahara04, hanafuda03, and savior06, [personal profile] gammacrank
Trade: uaa14, loyalty15, equation19, crusnik04, comrades14, children02 and cancer11 for cyber13, perceive03, pherae04, pillowtalk14, savior09, vector18 and birthmark05, [personal profile] fuselage

October 22, 2013
Colors Chat 1: daathic19, icequeen01, comnet01, pure19, kerberous09
Reading Between the Lines 80: birthmark19, kaijou19, wandering11, cute19, blank13, gangleader14, avoid08, petulant06, ambitious01, gransys06, brown crayon
Guess the Color 140: maihime02, deceive19, kansai13
Trade: levitation18 for kind18, [personal profile] swagu

October 21, 2013
Pokeradar 166: austria05, tanabata10, cannon01

October 20, 2013
Trade: odango17 for manipulate07, [personal profile] oriaon
Trade: hallmonitor05 and swimmer19 for lowborn06 and minervykins04, [personal profile] triacedia
Delete Shiritori 3: submitted tenchou17; received debonair18, madao18, levitation18
Spare Parts 129: paprika14, haunt06, sorcerer18

October 19, 2013
Trade: icy12 for roland03, [personal profile] maesterlicious
Help Miss Kamila 3: elrond15, krisna15

October 18, 2013
Recycled Art: athletic18, compassion12, defense11, ikazuchi16, worst01, xrosheart01
Conan's Clues 166: part-time09, socute11, home01
Ansem's Player Report 3: lettuce18, charge18, berrybell01, summoner05
Crosswords 66: chevalier11, dimension07, carmine18, water02, odango17, horse04
Trade: bloodshot17, seasalt15, parasite16, and freeshooter14 for amahara02, davinci17, nishi18, and estabul16, [personal profile] dialny
Trade: corrupted16 for kita14, [personal profile] corinthian
Sketchpad Turn In x3: loyalty15, minchi16, athletic06, mysteria09, peachpie13, piercing16, yellow crayon, red crayon, blue crayon
Trade: home01 for antoinette19, [personal profile] stag

October 16, 2013
Trade: burgers10, flaming09, detective10, and sakura14 for durandal06, maniac15, cascade07, and defense16, [personal profile] ets
Costume Party 166: seasalt15, proverbs18, hallmonitor05, planeptune16

October 15, 2013
Trade: mascot06 for redeyes07, [personal profile] poland
Guess the Color 139: line14, melodrama09, icy12
Reading Between the Lines 79: cipher02, nakochi15, swimmer19, respected16

October 14, 2013
Graffiti 59: mayonnaise12, parties05, elemia19, musicsense09, text16
Trade: blind09, crow02, haggler20, and heian13 for rayofhope02, kidnapped02, reshbal02, and redeyes10, [personal profile] harukami
Peach's Birthday Present 2: absence13, corrupted16, transform14, assistant03
Level Up to Strawberry: cancer11, glory06, castle12, deathgod09, green crayon
Trade: parties05 for ragnell19, [personal profile] empanadas
Trade: castle12, paranormal18, and snowfairy13 for kidnapped05, kidnapped19, and reshbal18, [personal profile] truebluespark

October 13, 2013
Pokeradar 165: shard14, taisa16, despair07
Seiyuu Guess 139: stubborn04, chernabog05, swordlike19
Trade: kid10 and seasalt01 for einstein01 and honoo07, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: taisa16 for vector10, [personal profile] swagu
Spare Parts 128: blind09, children02, after01
Trade: 300iq19 and chernabog05 for pillowtalk07 and vector16, [personal profile] chinchilla
Trade: musicboxes20 for parallel10, [personal profile] needles

October 12, 2013
Trade: deceive09 and mochi08 for honoo12 and hikari09, [personal profile] despedia
Help Miss Kamila 2: recruit08, major09

October 11, 2013
Naze's Remodeling Station 01: submitted pherae14 and virage17, received friendship04, seasalt01, alcohol16, caduceus14, rollout01
Ansem's Player Report 2: stardragon06, 004, death19, mws01
A Challenger Appears 01: sincerity19, romaantiqua10, mochi08, oblivious17
Trade: speedstar06 for hanafuda15, [personal profile] kuranosuke

October 10, 2013
Trade: funland13 for blueeyes04, [personal profile] reineh
Conan's Clues 165: eclipse18, hiraikotsu15, capturer07, starmaker03

October 9, 2013
Recycled Art: ally04, ally16, blueflare06, heights01, heights18, nature19
Trade: voidgear07 for worst09, [personal profile] chinchilla
Beauty Pageant 68: memories11, floating07, speedstar06, sea19, orange crayon
Costume Party 165: throttle16, honesty16, territory07, busted03
Pokeradar 164: beretta13, ursula19, hairloss02, underworld08, firetruck16, fudanshi11, virage19, pherae14, kid10, bench07, razorleaf07, sakura14
Birthday: india18, reshbal07, crow02, orange crayon
Trade: honesty16 and names18 for galileo04 and stapler05, [personal profile] inarticulate

October 8, 2013
Level Up to Gray: dependable10, sonati04, deathgod08, purple crayon
Trade: mudabijin03 for ikazuchi14, [personal profile] oktarose
Host Club Giveaway 72: virage17, funland13
Reading Between the Lines 78: freeshooter14, takoyaki13, comrades14, observing11, sonicboom16, fuyu12, hysteria13, seja19, traps12, mysteria20, green crayon
Deck Donation (Gastark): shonichi12, mascot06, 300iq19, red crayon
Deck Donation (Ray of Hope): composure02, order01, dogtags03, blue crayon
Deck Donation (Strategies): tama-ya16, naska01, fleija04, green crayon
Trade: shonichi12 and sonati04 for security05 and nature16, [personal profile] laurant
Trade: rivalry11 for davinci01, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Recycled Art (last week): analyze02, another04, demonking03, maniac03, youcopy19, zanza16

October 7, 2013
Trade: knotroot17 for antoinette07, [personal profile] euploeamulciber
Trade: athlum11 for wolfbeil06, [personal profile] gammacrank
Trade: masamune15 for saturn03, [personal profile] anruik
October Release: secrecy08, rayofhope01, lowborn07, gastark05, manipulative09, strategies01, falling13, pebble01, ladybug05, sing03, musicians08, sisters04, hanafuda08
Guess The Color 138: voidgear07, saiyawoman02, otoko12, musicboxes20, cosmoses07
Trade: renegade11 for youcopy19, [personal profile] oniclaws

October 6, 2013
Sketchpad Turn In: dollie12, coldblooded12, purple crayon
Art Shop: traded 3 purple crayons and 7 orange crayons for heroking02, heroking08, heroking17, taichou01, taichou02, taichou05, taichou08, taichou11, taichou15, and taichou16
Delete Shiritori 1: submitted greece01, received madcancer10, dorssian03, heian13
Mastered Hero King: breeder08, wildlife08, taichou17, green crayon
Mastered Taichou: rain07, social14, deathgod15, red crayon
Spare Parts 127: mudabijin03, shiningone06, masamune15, hostess14, ko14
Trade: breeder08 and hogyoku12 for cascade15 and perceive05, [personal profile] lanvaldear
Trade: hachiko06 for nishi08, [personal profile] swagu

October 5, 2013
Help Miss Kamila 1: basketball17, socute12
Trade: stardragon07, iwant16, lightblue11, and a red crayon for burgers10, mercury20, maniac13, and a purple crayon, [personal profile] heartbeams
Given youcopy15 by [personal profile] acperience
Trade: gretel09 for ikazuchi02, [personal profile] fall
Trade: datadrain07 for heroking16, [personal profile] awestriker
Trade: empathy01, lonewolf04, porn13, and pride06 for iinodoue15, davinci03, inspector08, and newton08, [personal profile] namikala
Trade: red crayon for purple crayon, [personal profile] secretambition
Trade: phantom14 for heroking01, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: blue crayon for orange crayon, [personal profile] laurant
Trade: loveletter03, center05, choice15 and two brown crayons for newton03, starter01, einstein07 and two orange crayons, [personal profile] psithurism
Trade: hottemper01 for youcopy13, [personal profile] inarticulate
Trade: whitemage10 for hanafuda10, [personal profile] rubatosis

October 4, 2013
Crosswords 65: nature06, astronaut04, prince15, center05
Trade: hod10 and quack15 for prodigy11 and defense13, [personal profile] chinchilla
Trade: odessa15 for iinodoue18, [personal profile] tempestuously

October 3, 2013
Mastered Clear: pendant16, samuraicat14, heroking18, green crayon
Conan's Clues 163+164: zeref11, reanimated04, reliability06, quack15, riverbank16
Seiyuu Guess 133: odessa15, interaction09, garland20
Trade: sailorfuku17 for iinodoue11, [personal profile] tempestuously
Ansem's Player Report 1: phantom14, pipi07, anchor15, indecent02

October 2, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 138: fighter07, perfection11, lonewolf04
Reading Between The Lines 77: hikari01, windmill12, flaming09, model03
Costume Party 164: loveletter03, pride06, decalogue10, hyper02
Trade: princess11 and judecca05 for mutt05 and mutt06, [personal profile] tempestuously

September 30, 2013
Trade: imitating19 and tuna16 for sympathy11 and speaking16, [personal profile] poland

September 28, 2013
Trade: seminar08, senbon02, and aimstalker11 for demonking12, galileo18, and honoo16, [personal profile] harukami
Trade: earthshaker04, fanboy05, and mizuchi04 for aniki13, koori12, and xrosheart16, [personal profile] adurotum
Trade: korobokkuru14 for brickbreak12, [personal profile] anruik

September 27, 2013
Trade: strawberry11 and research03 for usagimimi03 and usagimimi09, [personal profile] lostlorn

September 26, 2013
Trade: citro07 for antoinette05, [personal profile] awestriker
Trade: sprinter16 and schemer06 for silk09 and zanza17, [personal profile] dialny

September 25, 2013
Costume Party 163: odinsword09, amahara08, sprinter16, oolong13
Pokeradar 159: engokuki11, monocle03
Pokeradar 161: esp05, 2-a19, haggler20

September 24, 2013
Recycled Art: antoinette03, antoinette11, athletic05, athletic15, defense01, einstein03
Trade: farseer03, jump09 and peach18 for athletic10, fuhrer01 and worst14, [personal profile] rubatosis

September 23, 2013
Sketchpad Turn In: earthshaker04, tuna16, red crayon

September 22, 2013
Battle of the Bands XI - Safe Code: sailorfuku17, exceed02, schemer06, save11, fan11, submissive02
Host Club Giveaway 71: controlled03, psybeam09

September 20, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 76: hottemper01, center11, tenchou17
Battle of the Bands VII - Breather: jump09, farseer03, hogyoku12
Battle of the Bands IX - Lights out: riverbank16, toeflash09, connect12, mizuchi04, necessarius12
Trade: center11 for pillowtalk01, [personal profile] laurant
Crosswords 64: yanderes03, hitsuzen14, games16, marry17, korobokkuru14, athlum11
Trade: recall01 and swimmer20 for iinodoue10 and galileo09, [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
Level Up to Brown: saturn16, judecca05, heroking13, brown crayon

September 16, 2013
Trade: emotions11 and tiger-striped10 for vector03 and inspector06, [personal profile] dialny

September 15, 2013
Donation to Scrapbook 71: psychopath08, tiger-striped10, akabari17
Art Shop: traded 7 green crayons for clear01, clear02, clear06, clear08, clear16, clear18, and clear20
Sketchpad Turn In: switch13, candy07, blue crayon
Trade: meat08 and maiden15 for pherae10 and pherae14, [personal profile] venicism

September 12, 2013
Trade: late14 for koori04, [personal profile] tempestuously

September 11, 2013
Costume Party 160+161: nishi16, samurai04, lightspeed06, imitating19, anterograde02, swimmer20

September 10, 2013
Recycled Art: analyze17, caring06, kind06, kind11, twilight08, partner19
Level Up to Purple: unlucky18, cradle16, heroking10, green crayon
Pick a Color 79: yellow crayon, purple crayon, orange crayon
Quilting 53: adolesecent20, polarbear19, shouryuuken09, deceive09, apostle03, menma20, grey crayon, brown crayon
Trade: two blue crayons and a yellow crayon for three green crayons, [personal profile] estamir

September 9, 2013
September Release: roland09, formulas01, moonchild04, catalyst04, moumentai15, security12, hawk07, raider13, fairytales18, fairytales07, clear15
Deck Donation (Roland): formula09, highentia08, vampirecat19, brown crayon
Deck Donation (Formulas): stardragon07, defense19, heroes11, blue crayon
Deck Donation (Moon Child): aquaria06, meat08, howling10, orange crayon
Trade: indra15 for pherae15, [personal profile] estamir
Trade: raider13 for edison02, [personal profile] stag
Battle of the Bands XIII - Rehearsal!: maestro14, librarian02, protect16, datadrain07, roseprince03, synthesizer16, princess11, scientific10, memory02, novice18, peach18, aokiji08, whitemage10, citro07, swallow16
Trade: medicine03 for daifuku19, [personal profile] acperience

September 8, 2013
Switch It Up: outdated03 and shard11 for parallel01 and youcopy04

September 6, 2013
Trade: engrish05 for haicopy09, [personal profile] arilyn9
Pokeradar 158: scalchop16, late14
Pokeradar 156: dote11, 3moles05
Trade: saiyawoman06 for iinodoue08, [personal profile] tempestuously

September 5, 2013
Trade: judge16 for shadows09, [personal profile] tempestuously
Host Club Giveaway 70: engrish05, ojamajo19

September 4, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 75: contests13, bloodshot17, equation19
Trade: locket09, ikazuchi12, thieves13, kaze03, kaze08, kaze10, kaze16, kaze20, and honoo04 for lorikeet13, manikatti08, falchion04, falchion05, falchion06, falchion08, falchion15, falchion17, and falchion19, [personal profile] beccastareyes
Trade: memorized03 for neptune19, [personal profile] harukami

September 3, 2013
Recycled Art: flame08, flame09, flame13, pherae13, sympathy20, clow10

September 2, 2013
Trade: crest02 for falchion10, [personal profile] prisma
Costume Party 159: manikatti15, animals18, nameko15

September 1, 2013
Trade: smile12 for lorikeet17, [personal profile] estamir
Trade: loveletter10 for savior04, [personal profile] psithurism
Sketchpad Turn-In x2: choice15, asteria05, crest02, suna-suna14, red crayon, blue crayon

August 31, 2013
Trade: egret09 for antoinette06, [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
Trade: flaming07 for shadows11, [personal profile] tempestuously
Colors Musical Magazine 10: crusnik04
Colors Musical Magazine 11: memorized03
Colors Musical Magazine 12: indra15
Colors Musical Magazine 13: innkeeper20
Colors Muscial Magazine 14: uriah08
Colors Musical Magazine 15: senbon02
Colors Musical Magazine 16: magiccancel05
Battle of the Bands XII - Identify that Seiyuu: gretel09, galileo05, recall01, rivalry11, loveletter10, agent02
Conan's Clues 159: abandon10, excellent18
Colors Musical Magazine Final: familiar10

August 30, 2013
Colors Musical Magazine 6: boots20
Colors Musical Magazine 7: guilt09
Colors Musical Magazine 8: kaka03
Colors Musical Magazine 9: foster08

August 28, 2013
Trade: unison11 for edison09, [personal profile] kues
Battle of the Bands XVI - The Mystery of Door #16: locket09, greece01, cosmoses10, seminar08, outdated03
Beauty Pageant 65: apos20, fanboy05, wingzero15, hod10

August 27, 2013
Battle of the Bands IV - Le Chanson de Roland: director14, virtual07, scorching05, siscon05, orange crayon
Recycled Art: ally19, defense08, defense20, edison01, edison13, edison16, newton17, newton20, offense06, offense16
Battle of the Bands seventh place: m011, orbs09, asset18, phazon14
Trade: fabulous08 for lizard03, [personal profile] stag

August 26, 2013
Battle of the Bands V - Sing Along: submitted underworld13, received un-sorcerer05, laconic15; submitted rush09, received saiyawoman06, snowfairy13
Pick a Color 78: ambitious02, breaker12
Quilting 52: ishval01, another03, names18
Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 135: northitaly09, parasite16
Level Up to Blue: checkmate20, piano06, heroking12, grey crayon
Trade: breaker12 for aniki20, [personal profile] frogberri

August 25, 2013
Trade: hiraikotsu06 for prodigy01, [personal profile] eclair

August 24, 2013
Colors Musical Magazine 5: haggler19
Trade: haggler19 and hammer01 for blueflare15 and haicopy08, [personal profile] hyoga

August 23, 2013
Colors Musical Magazine 1: perutan19
Colors Musical Magazine 2: capturer06
Colors Musical Magazine 3: heybo19
Conan's Clues 158: egret09, empathy01
Trade: programmer20 for redeyes15, [personal profile] namikala
Colors Musical Magazine 4: jupiter15

August 22, 2013
Trade: notebook07 for sympathy09, [personal profile] arilyn9

August 21, 2013
Recycled Art: caring13, caring18, compassion18, compassion19, davinci11, davinci13, davinci18 twilight17, xrosheart17, xrosheart19
Reading Between The Lines 74: rush09, lovey-dovey18, lascivious05
Host Club Giveaway 69: open09, hadome10, coach04

August 20, 2013
Scrapbook Theme Poll voting: hiraikotsu06, lightside10, flaming07
Trade: ducttape17 for another02, [personal profile] frogberri
Trade: big08 and cups07 for honoo01 and hikari08, [personal profile] despedia

August 19, 2013
trade: guitar07 for haicopy02, [personal profile] ankari

August 15, 2013
Pokeradar 155: china10, alien04, thinking02, luna10
Costume Party 157: conflicted02, noa04, bon18
Trade: thinking02 for ragnell08, [personal profile] karayan
Trade: luna10 for despair16, [personal profile] chinchilla

August 14, 2013
Recycled Art: haicopy03, haicopy04, haicopy10, haicopy15, haicopy16, haicopy17, youcopy03, youcopy06, youcopy08, youcopy17
Quilting 51: pluviose11, poor17, serena08
Pick a Color 77: detective10, lovey-dovey10, rayearth09, composed13
Trade: island17 and wrestler18 for clear19 and eris15, [personal profile] aaveplsgo

August 12, 2013
Trade: sommelier15 for hanafuda07, [personal profile] netbug009
Trade: dynamite15 for lightblue11, [personal profile] oktarose

August 11, 2013
Trade: wolf05 for zephyr16, [personal profile] larvayne

August 10, 2013
Trade: sonicboom11 for aniki04, [personal profile] magikarp
Colors Musical Playground II: emotions11, hachiko06, arcusprima06, shard11, orange crayon
Trade: spot06 for heroking20, [personal profile] kuranosuke
August Release: pillowtalk08, minervykins16, parallel08, wickedeye05, nekopunch12, research03, ruler18, roids14, versicolor20
Trade: conclusions14 for kita03, [personal profile] psithurism

August 9, 2013
Crosswords 61: warfare11, biker05, moon12, piano03
Deck Donation (Pillow Talk): conclusions14, literature07, lascivious01, green crayon
Trade: logical18 for another15, [personal profile] astralfire
Trade: littledevil17 for tamarin05, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: illegitimate09 and tiger12 for dynamo18 and phones01, [personal profile] dialny

August 7, 2013
Recycled Art: cyber12, heights03, heights04, heights05, heights10, heights16, heights20, prodigy09, prodigy19, thunder01
Costume Party 156: eldest12, medicine03, tiger12
Trade: eldest12 for unison11, [personal profile] haifisch
Trade: misfortune02 for analyze10, [personal profile] triacedia
Trade: blind13 for heroking14, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: safety14 for estabul10, [personal profile] chikky

August 6, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 132: littledevil17, aimstalker11, wrestler18

August 5, 2013
Trade: excellion18 and oriental10 for sympathy02 and sympathy07, [personal profile] eclair
Trade: dattebane04 for ragnell07, [personal profile] moon_wolf
Trade: machinegun02 for fuhrer02, [personal profile] reneetwist
Battle of the Bands II - Star Power, Dress Up!: notebook07, wolf05, dynamite15, determined11, twentyone05

August 4, 2013
Trade: purple crayon for brown crayon, [personal profile] kuranosuke
Trade: guard02 for worst06, [personal profile] psithurism
Trade: trumpet11 for lettuce01, [personal profile] oriaon
Art Shop: two brown crayons for stigma18 and stigma19
Mastered Stigma: purple06, island17, heroking05, green crayon
Trade: seductive01 for eclipse02, [personal profile] blood

August 3, 2013
Trade: earl15 for shadows14, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: lotus19 for sympathy18, [personal profile] harukami

August 2, 2013
Trade: harpnote08 for dynamo03, [personal profile] fall

August 1, 2013
Trade: yellow19 for antoinette04, [personal profile] skaldadottir
Conan's Clues 154+155: sonicboom11, ikebukuro01, ufo14, adolescent13
Trade: wanderer14 for vector01, [personal profile] blood
Art Shop: blue crayon and purple crayon for icebeam03
Battle of the Bands I - Gin-sensei's Poke Rock-off: submitted icebeam03, received awkward09, dattebane04, banchou19, misfortune02, p-chan11, excellion18
Mini Pot of Gold 33.5: submitted equestrian03, judo14, jet19; received cups07, kattobing18, spot06, deck05, german06, righthand02, harpnote08, storm02, useless08, porn13, earl15, 013, guard02, big08, automail13, spicyageha09, creator13, earthquake03, oriental10, protestant17, phones07, blind13, smile12, exchanger14, programmer20, gryph13, hre05, fuhrer16, lieutenant09, toxic01, guitar07, ducttape17, fabulous08, brown crayon, and green crayon
Trade: creator13 and kattobing18 for manikatti16 and neptune05, [personal profile] maesterlicious
Level Up to Green: stupid12, ordinary12, stigma17, purple crayon
Trade: personality14 for taichou09, [personal profile] ritornello

July 31, 2013
Pokeradar 154: paranormal18, bravo18, lotus19, christmas01
Costume Party 155: iaigeri10, pururun15, safety14
Sketchpad Turn In: hammer01, spicyageha04, purple crayon
Art Studio: blossom17, cr-s0114, devotion02, earnest16, enigmatic10, grandkid10, kali-yuga15, lion18, manipulate14, neet07, starfish17, and t-shirt05 for stigma11, stigma14, stigma15, and stigma16
Trade: miracles11 for deathgod03, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: petshop19 for blueflare04, [personal profile] inarticulate
Trade: signatures with Michi, [personal profile] arwentyan
Trade: pururun15 for worst12, [personal profile] despedia

July 30, 2013
Trade: jinchuu14 for kita04, [personal profile] adurotum
Quilting 50: underworld13, petshop19, blossom17
Pick a Color 76: starfish17, forelock03, crybaby17, fortune07
Trade: inferior02 for jet07, [personal profile] gammacrank
Recycled Art: analyze13, analyze16, analyze18, analyze20, aniki11, aniki19, koori10, worst02, worst05, worst15
Trade: gullible11 for sommelier15, [personal profile] yanyan
Trade: literature10 for kaze02, [personal profile] arwentyan

July 29, 2013
Costume Party 154: serenade03, knotroot17, clow16

July 28, 2013
Art Shop: two yellow crayons for bishoujo16 and bishoujo20
Mastered Bishoujo: gullible11, astronomy05, stigma04, blue crayon
Seiyuu Guess 131: uaa14, trumpet11, machinegun02
Trade: feather20 for taichou10, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: fairy12 for clear10, [personal profile] poichanma
Trade: landgod15 for brickbreak01, [personal profile] ankari
Trade: morning18 for kita18, [personal profile] fall
Trade: parents01 for eris11, [personal profile] violion

July 26, 2013
Crosswords 60: renegade11, logical18, earnest16, landgod15
Trade: novoselic05 and cleaver08 for brush12 and estabul11, [personal profile] tempestuously
Neku's Music Station 154: devotion02, gemmy01, judge16
Conan's Clues 153: underworld16, naraku16
Trade: foxes02 for heroking06, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: aimo01 for estabul18, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: purple crayon for yellow crayon, [personal profile] nepetan

July 25, 2013
Costume Party 153: illegitimate09, seaeagle13, aimo01
Pokeradar 153: priestess09, novoselic05
Trade: priestess09 for ragnell06, [personal profile] karayan

July 23, 2013
Trade: brown crayon for yellow crayon, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: earring15, neet10, and speedstar13 for clear05, deathgod05, and kaze16, [personal profile] magaru
Recycled Art: blueflare02, blueflare03, blueflare10, blueflare16, blueflare17, blueflare19, twilight04, twilight05, twilight11, twilight16

July 22, 2013
Trade: abuse08 and trigger11 for clear09 and iinodoue02, [personal profile] fuselage
Sketchpad Turn-In: feather20, grandkid10, purple crayon
Art Shop: traded in four yellow crayons for bishoujo05, bishoujo06, bishoujo07, and bishoujo11
Trade: magedom04 for haicopy19, [personal profile] adurotum
Trade: crescent03 for stigma20, [personal profile] nepetan
Trade: tenshi06 for stigma05, [personal profile] ulquiorrasch
Trade: venoshock15 for clear14, [personal profile] moon_wolf

July 21, 2013
Musical Playground 1: morning18, earring15, naraku20, panther16, wanderer14, rise20
Beauty Pageant 64: inferior02, bite08, kinkan05, cleaver08, brown crayon
Switch It Up: roadroller04 for tamarin18, also received orange crayon
Trade: bite08 for jet01, [personal profile] gilbo
Trade: two orange crayons for two yellow crayons, [personal profile] tadakatsu
Trade: grey crayon for yellow crayon, [personal profile] eclair
Trade: emperor15 for armor04, [personal profile] namikala

July 20, 2013
Trade: plumber18 and polite01 for clear07 and clear12, [personal profile] pleonasm
Seiyuu Guess 130: myths02, fairy12, taciturn12
Trade: raison19 for eris14, [personal profile] mllelaurel
Trade: biker07 and magma13 for bishoujo18 and estabul08, [personal profile] makoto666
Trade: panda05 for iinodoue04, [personal profile] admiral
Trade: sos08 for taichou06, [personal profile] lanvaldear
Trade: taciturn12 for aniki01, [personal profile] estamir
Trade: lightning13 for bishoujo10, [personal profile] chikky

July 19, 2013
Trade: fanservice18 for compassion17, [personal profile] maesterlicious

July 18, 2013
Pokeradar 152: fanservice18, lion18
Trade: indifferent17 and feral05 for estabul03 and bishoujo02, [personal profile] tempestuously
Level Up to Yellow: literature10, nakochi20, stigma01, grey crayon

July 16, 2013
Costume Party 149: haicopy11, jinchuu14, raison19
Costume Party 152: foul15, speedstar13, fairy20
Recycled Art: ragnell09, ragnell10, ragnell11, ragnell12, ragnell13, ragnell14, shadow01, shadow14, wolfbeil14, wolfbeil15

July 15, 2013
Trade: withdrawn17 for eris02, [personal profile] tempestuously
Sketchpad Turn In: trigger11, sos08, yellow crayon
Art Shop: yellow crayon for bishoujo01
Neku's Music Station 152: magedom04, average07, armor12
Conan's Clues 151: heights17, feral05
Trade: clueless13 for blueflare13, [personal profile] fall
Trade: regina03 and cyborg10 for hanafuda09 and armor18, [personal profile] aestivalis

July 14, 2013
Trade: 5stars04 for occidental16, [personal profile] dawn_of_madness
Trade: lightmusic10 and miko08 for clear03 and clear04, [personal profile] hyoga
Trade: iinodoue10 for stigma12, [personal profile] tempestuously
Quilting 49: miracles11, tenshi06, cyborg10
Pick A Color 75: ousaka06, manipulate14, emperor15, orange crayon

July 13, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 129: lightmusic10, parents01, roadroller04
Trade: purple crayon for yellow crayon, [personal profile] tempestuously

July 12, 2013
Trade: nitro14 for brush02, [personal profile] tempestuously

July 11, 2013
Crosswords 59: bubblebeam16, austria20, magma13, octbirthday05
Trade: octbirthday05 for taichou13, [personal profile] tempestuously

July 10, 2013
Trade: brush20 and admire09 for shadows15 and bishoujo13, [personal profile] tempestuously

July 9, 2013
Trade: 1stlt19 for bishoujo17, [personal profile] bringthefate
Trade: honest01 and smitten19 for kidnapped06 and kita19, [personal profile] adurotum

July 8, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 128: regina03, neet10, abuse08
Trade: spider19 for iinodoue20, [personal profile] velshtein
Trade: sexta18 for shadows06, [personal profile] paladinsky

July 7, 2013
Trade: pompadour09 for taichou19, [personal profile] baredick
Trade: disarm20 and curemuse05 for estabul06 and shadows08, [personal profile] tempestuously
Recycled Art: hikari20, ikazuchi11, ikazuchi12, kaze03, kaze08, kaze10, kaze11, kaze13, kaze20

July 6, 2013
July freebies: two18, savior20, checkmate18, demonking13, thehero19, opposite09, ensign16, prima09, thieves13

July 5, 2013
Pokeradar 151: siva17, neet07
Trade: childofgod19 for deathgod13, [personal profile] hurl
Trade: dynamite04 for usagimimi10, [personal profile] ahtreide

July 4, 2013
Pokeradar 150: dynamite04, kidnapped16
Costume Party 151: strawberry11, maiden15, kali-yuga15

July 3, 2013
Sketchpad Turn In: jupiter13, sincerity09, purple crayon
Art Shop: orange crayon and yellow crayon for taichou12 and bishoujo08
Recycled Art: hanafuda04, hanafuda16, heroking04
Costume Party 150: biker07, panda05, indifferent17
Trade: origin16 for deathgod12 and shadows13, [personal profile] shinsengumi
Trade: hero01 for heroking11, [personal profile] bluechimera
Trade: occidental09 for bishoujo12, [personal profile] painter

July 2, 2013
Trade: regain06, kindhearted15 and ulster11 for taichou07, manikatti19 and mutt09, [personal profile] muchourin

July 1, 2013
Switch It Up: bugle14 for clear13
Mastered Celebration: honest01, clueless13, suave10, auto-mastery of Mage (mage01, mage02, mage03, mage04, mage05 (double), mage06, mage07, mage08, mage09, mage10, mage11, mage12, mage13, mage14, mage15, mage16, mage17, mage18, mage19, mage20), orange crayon
Pick a Color 74: nitro14, smitten19, lightning13, plumber18, t-shirt05
Quilting 48: ulster11, iwant16, curemuse05
Trade: acrobat17, bride20, millenium15 and smelt19 for brush20, durandal05, heroking19 and shadows03, [personal profile] zettaimuri
Trade: mage05 (double) for deathgod07, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 30, 2013
Anniversary Day 15: 1stlt19, millenium15, celebration15
Trade: monado02 for deathgod10, [personal profile] triacedia
Trade: gasmask06 and loyal06 for estabul20 and heroking09, [personal profile] tragedy

June 29, 2013
Trade: mutt13 and commoner16 for taichou03 and deathgod20, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 27, 2013
Art Shop: red crayon, yellow crayon, blue crayon, and purple crayon for deathgod02, bishoujo03, iinodoue10, and heroking03
Crosswords 58: bride20, enigmatic10, disarm20, griefseed07
Conan's Clues 150: gasmask06, personality14

June 26, 2013
Level Up to Orange: monado02, mutt13, stigma10, yellow crayon
Trade: whiteknight14 and ice18 for bishoujo15 and shadows16, Becca

June 25, 2013
Anniversary Day 13: christianity20, kindhearted15, celebration13
Trade: indifferent08 for eris04, [personal profile] dialny

June 24, 2013
Trade: sensor13 for crescent03, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 23, 2013
Conan's Clues 149: commoner16, redeyes04
Anniversary Day 14 (cont): celebration14
Trade: cleaver10 for taichou20, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 22, 2013
Neku's Music Station 149: foxes02, sexta18, stapler02
Conan's Clues 148: equestrian03, spider19
Sketchpad Turn In: acrobat17, admire09, yellow crayon
Trade: futuring01 and grey crayon for shadows20 and purple crayon, [personal profile] tempestuously
Anniversary Day 10: gears06, 5stars04, celebration10
Anniversary Day 19 (cont): celebration19
Anniversary Day 20: indifferent08, judo14, cr-s0114, wind-up10, mage05, childofgod19, bassist13, miko08, whiteknight14, cleaver10, celebration20

June 20, 2013
Anniversary Day 19: stigma08, bishoujo19
Trade: nanodesu17 for jet13, [personal profile] lanvaldear

June 19, 2013
Anniversary Day 17 (cont): celebration17
Anniversary Day 18: bugle14, pompadour09, celebration18
Trade: eleventh17 and alliance10 for ice18 and smelt19, [personal profile] tempestuously
Trade: acrobatics18, flask18, and record16 for deathgod01, deathgod17, and bishoujo04, [personal profile] nidoking

June 18, 2013
Anniversary Day 16 (cont): celebration16
Anniversary Day 17: bishoujo09, eris03
Beauty Pageant 62: poison02, flask18, acrobatics18, withdrawn17, red crayon
Trade: bossy07, draciel06, kirakira09, unicolyon13, wealth13, and zeus08 for heroking07, bishoujo14, estabul04, shadows19, taichou04, and taichou18, [personal profile] mori
Trade: yatagarasu04 for taichou14, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 17, 2013
Anniversary Day 16: usagimimi01
Trade: knife08 for honoo04, [personal profile] hopes

June 16, 2013
Anniversary Day 14: nature13
Signature: +3 free copies
Trade: balbadd14 for deathgod06, [personal profile] tempestuously

June 14, 2013
Anniversary Day 12 (cont): celebration12
Trade: fanalis09 for wolfbeil19, [personal profile] eclair

June 13, 2013
Anniversary Day 5: occidental09, yellow19, celebration05
Anniversary Day 11: celebration11, grey crayon
Anniversary Day 12: stigma13
Trade: dranzer14 and shard16 for clear17 and jet19, [personal profile] admiral
Trade: blackdog02 for shadows04, [personal profile] needles

June 12, 2013
Anniversary Day 1: seductive01, camera01, celebration01
Anniversary Day 2: starter13, sensor13, eleventh17, celebration02
Anniversary Day 4: wealth13, alliance10, celebration04, blue crayon
Anniversary Day 6 (cont): celebration06
Anniversary Day 7 (cont): celebration07
Anniversary Day 8 (cont): celebration08
Trade: camera01 for eris09, [personal profile] tsuyukusa

June 11, 2013
Anniversary Day 3: stigma03, celebration03
Anniversary Day 6: clear11
Anniversary Day 7: stigma07
Anniversary Day 8: manikatti11
Anniversary Day 9 (cont): celebration09

June 10, 2013
Starter pack: shard16, lollipops11, hero01, nanodesu17, blacksmith17, record16, stigma02, stigma09
Bonus cards for signing in: knife08, loyal06
May freebies: dranzer14, draciel06, bossy07, jet14, origin16, balbadd14, fanalis09, futuring01, venoshock15, deathgod04, wolfbeil10
Anniversary Day 9: stigma06, heroking15
June freebies: speaking14, starter12, regain06, zeus08, kirakira09, unicolyon13, yatagarasu04, blackdog02, usagimimi17
Trade: blacksmith17 for polite01, [personal profile] blood